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Akira Class, Part 23. Secondary full rebuild.

Okay maybe not a complete rebuild, but it near enough was.
Basically what I did was do a major clean up of the meshes. You can see here from the picture of the old meshes with wire frame, that it was a complete mess.

There was a lot I did not like about it. You can see how I was having issue with doing the panels for it. So what I did was remove all the windows and just give the meshes a good clean removing faces that where not really needed, and try and set it up so that I could start to cut some decent panels.
Here is the mesh after the clean up.

With the mesh now all cleaned up it was time to start cutting in the panels.
I have to say that it not a typical trek panelling but it works. I am not to sure about it. Or should I go with a more trek looking one.
Anyway, I have also cut in a little door area for cargo to go into the secondary hull. I need to re-add some of the windows. As I said before I will put in a smaller number as this is after all is a war ship.

Here is how she stands now.


4 responses

  1. It looks good, bro. The new wireframe definitely looks better. I like the grid lines. 🙂

    08/05/2012 at 16:21

  2. Brad D

    Hi Dean,

    Love your work. I’ve been looking around the net for Akira meshes, and yours is by far the best. I especially like your paying attention to the scale of various parts (eg, the torpedo launchers on the weapons pod); it really ups the quality of the piece.

    A friend and I are working on our own Akira project. We’re devising deck-by-deck internal blueprints (yes, we’re that level of geek) and are looking around for a 3D mesh to base the deck cross-sections on. Many years ago I created a set of deck outlines from another Akira mesh by using boolean operations and large boxes in Max, but these were low res/low quality, and the mesh has been lost to time and HDD formats. I’d love to base the new ones on your Akira because, as I said, yours is by far the best in quality and accuracy. Would you be happy to release a copy for me to use? (Sorry for being so forward, but those that don’t ask, don’t receive, right?)

    Also, appologies for posting this request as a comment. I looked around for your email address/contact form, but couldn’t find one. Feel free to email me back at: askbrad***at***

    Cheers in advance.

    20/05/2012 at 03:36

    • Thank you for the comment. At the moment I have no plans to realise this meshes. To be honest I have not really though about it.
      I just want to get this finished before the year out. 😉
      But that not to say that I won’t once it finished.

      20/05/2012 at 22:57

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