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Build the Enterprise

An Engineer sick that the Humanity reach for the stars, has come to a particle stop.
He does not see the greatness of the 60’s Space races coming back anytime soon. So he has come up with a plan get humanity back into the space a keeps us there. How to do that, well that the interesting part.
He plans on having one of Science fiction most famous ship built for real.
That’s right he wants to build the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, and all it will cost is $1 Trillion. On the outside the ship will look like the USS Enterprise, but on the inside it, will be more suited to current tech. He has come with plans on how everything will work.
This means instead of Warp Drive the ship will use an Ion Engineer that could get the ship to Mars in 90 days.
The ship would also have nuclear power to keep it power the primary Hull would hold gravity wheel that would spins, this would give the ship Earth Norm gravity.

The ship would not just be a normal space ship but also a mobile space station.
This Engineer has also worked out how the financing would work.
He has also come up with a working road map program that would last 100 years.

Check out the website, it a lot more intresting than I made it out to be.


3 responses

  1. I saw this on SFM. It looks cool, but I wonder if it would really work. Also, it begs the question: why build a ship that looks like the Enterprise? But, I say build it. At least it’s something ambitious, a lot more so than NASA going to the ISS on Russian rockets because the US no longer has space ships. Besides, something like this could be a world project, not just one nation. It would unite people.

    20/05/2012 at 01:38

  2. Woah! :O that’s amazing… I wish more people still had the hunger to explore space… If he pulls it off, I, for one, will be impressed (If I even live to it’s completion ;)). Yeah, like Evil Genius asked, why build it like the enterprise? If you had 1 trillion to burn, why not go for a unique look? Unless of course, the enterprise would be one of the most functional type of ships in real outer space. And what?! No real warp drive?! c’mon! It can’t be that hard to invent… 😛 jk lol. Well, I hope this guy succeeds.

    20/05/2012 at 03:47

  3. It’s an interesting Idea and I hope it works.
    I agree it a little strange to pick the Enterprise for the ship. But the way I see it, Star Trek is no more a group of TV programs and movies. It has now gone far beyond that and represent ideas of what we as a species can be. For that reason, that is why the Enterprise works. It will be very hard to find someone of this planet would not know what the Enterprise is and what is represents.

    20/05/2012 at 22:44

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