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New Dark Knight Rises Poster

Warner Bros. has released an all-new poster for the finale Christopher Nolan Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.
The Poster contiunes the look from the perviews posters for Batman Begins & The Dark Knight
You can check it out below.


5 responses

  1. That’s a cool poster. 🙂 The only person listed on there that I’ve never seen in anything is Tom Hardy.

    22/05/2012 at 18:43

    • Yeah I like it too.

      You know Tom Hardy as Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis.

      22/05/2012 at 20:12

      • That was him? It’s weird, I never paid attention to that guy’s name. I hope he’s pumped some iron since then, as he will be playing Bane.

        23/05/2012 at 04:33

      • He was in Bronson, Inception & Warrior where he was pretty “beefed up”. (all Very Good films)
        He is currently filming Mad Max 4: Fury Road and replaced Mel Gibson as Max.

        23/05/2012 at 06:23

      • I haven’t seen any of those. I just keep picturing that little skinny dude in Nemesis. 😉

        23/05/2012 at 08:20

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