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Total Recall 2nd Trailer.

Here is the latest trailer for the Total recall reboot.

Highlander to be Rebooted.

Today I learned that the classic sword battling immortal, movie from the 80’s is to be rebooted.

Ryan Reynolds has been in negotiations for the last month to play the immortal Scot Connor MacLeod.
Whether he can pull of the Scottish ascent is yet to be seen.
The film will be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo best known for 28 Weeks Later.

If your fearful that the new film will lose the classic soundtrack by Queen (It’s a Kind of Magic album) fear not.
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has said that he will use Queen’s original soundtrack, otherwise it would not be a Highlander film. Something that was also missing for the very poor sequels to the original film.

As I learn more about the film I post up more information.

Three Avatar Sequels to Film Simultaneously?

Director James Cameron will reportedly shoot three sequels to his blockbuster Avatar simultaneously.
I knew that there was going to be two sequels, but a third is news to me.

Showbiz 411 chatted with Avatar actress Sigourney Weaver, who said that production on Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 begins this fall. Weaver will first shoot her new TV series Political Animals and then appears in a play before she returns to Pandora.

Weaver’s not sure how long she will be asked to work on the three-film multi-shoot. “I just show up,” she said.
IT will be interesting to see how Weaver will be used as her character was killed/ merged with Pandora. Will it be flashbacks or her soul when the Navi connect to the tree of life?
Or could one of the films even be a prequel instead of a sequel.

No doubt the film will not be all released all at the time and most likely have a six month to a year gap between each one.
As soon as I find out anymore info, I’ll post it up.

Monsters University, Teaser Trailer

With the success PIXAR has had with the Toy Story films, PIXAR has not made a sequel to any of their other films.
That is now to change, while most people would love to see a sequel to The Incredibles, PIXAR has chosen to go with hilarious 2001 Monsters .Inc.
John Goodman and Billy Crystal return as James P. “Sulley” Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. Though it is unlikely that we will get to see Boo, as Monster University look to be a Prequel to Monsters .Inc.

Check out the Teaser Trailer below.

Monsters University is due out in 2013.

Akria Class, Part 28. Sensor pit.

With the Escape pods finished, I moved onto the sensor pits as it looked a little plain.
I am not sure if this is meant to be a sensor pit or some sort of cargo door as the original model has no detail here. I went with have a sensor pit.
Here is the old version.

I have complete remodelled this whole section adding a lot more in there.
I am very with the way I got it, but not too sure if there is too much gold?
Most of it was copy and paste and re-angle the objects.

Here is the new version

Here is also where the ship currently stands.

Dredd, Trailer

In 1995, Judge Dredd finally came to the big screen starring Sylvester Stallone.
While the set and look of the film looked like they were taken right out of the comic book page.
Unfortunatly the story sucked big time and Stallone had Dredd’s helmet off for most of the film. (If you never read British comic, 2000AD. Then you would not know that Judge Dredd never takes his helmet off.)

It has taken nearly 20 for Dredd to come back to the big screen. This time we have Karl Urban in the starring role. From what I have seen in the trailer. It looks like it is set in the real world, while at the same time keeping some of the look from the comic.

Anyway, here is the first full trailer for Dredd.

I have to say that this look promising.
Dredd is due out on the 7th September in the UK and the 21st September in the USA.

Akira Class, Part 27A. Lower phaser Array Corrections

Here a small update.
It was mentioned on by Viper. That the lower phaser was too close to the secondary hull.
I have cut part of it out and reattached the end so that the end of the array is no longer that close to the secondary hull. It is also like this on the original model.