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Akira Class, Part 26. Saucer Windows added and new RCS Thrusters

I have added the windwos into the saucer. I had to lose a few due to the panels lines but not to many.
Took a liitle longer as there was a load of errors that need to be cleaned up. But that is now all done.

I rebuilt the RCS thrusters so they matched the other on the ship.
On the original model there are none of the saucer except for brackest on the edge of the saucer. This where I had the old RCS. Even though the new ones match the others on the weapons pod and nacelles. I am not sure about these ones. I also had to move them a little so they dont sit next to the escape pods at the front of the ship.

Next thing to do is rebulid the Escape pods, not sure if I will modell a full pod or just the part that is seen on top of the saucer. Once that is done it on to redoing the details for the sensors at the front of the ship and to add details to the trench that goes round the rim of the saucer.

Then it time to start adding the textures.

Here is a close up on the RCS Thursters. Yes I am aware of the gap. I will be fixing that.


2 responses

  1. Looking good, bro. I like the new thrusters better than the ones you had previously.

    05/06/2012 at 17:16

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