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Toy Story coming to the small screen

PIXAR has announced that they are developing two 22 mins TV special of Toy Story that will be aried in October 2013 and Spring 2014.
These will most likely be aired on the Disney Channel.
The two shorts will most likely be the frist major project from PIXAR Canada, which opened om 2010.

PIXAR are also working on three new Toy Stroy Toons. These will most likely be show before future PIXAR movies. Which has now become the norm for a PIXAR feature film.


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  1. Owlmann

    Any thought of an theatricial fourth film sickens me. I mean really, Pixar had pretty much covered up the Toy Story saga last year with the third one and ended that perfectly. Andy grows up, he gives them a new owner, the end. Perfect. Any other film will just be a slap in the face for audiences who watched it. They really need to move on and start doing what they do (or did) best in the past decade when they were considered the animation kings, bring original ideas to the big screen and make them hits. We need more things like Up and The Incredibles from Pixar. Not sequels, just new ideas.

    I do not mind the short toons to any extent but really Pixar need to let Toy Story films go and move forward.

    16/06/2012 at 03:01

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