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Jack Reacher, Trailer

Tom Cruise might be having family problems at the moment, but that does not stop him from working.
Here is the trailer to his lastest film Jack Racher.
Jack Reacher is based on the novels by British writer Jim Grant who writes under the pen name of Lee Child.


4 responses

  1. That looks like it could be good. Tom is definitely good at action flicks, that’s for sure. (of course, he can do drama too) It’s nice to see he’s working with Paramount again. Clearly, someone over there realized what a colossal mistake it was to cut all ties with such a popular actor and one of their biggest money makers. (even if he does occasionally say and do weird stuff)

    04/07/2012 at 04:15

    • Yeah I like him as an actor, don’t know him personal so can’t comment on that.

      Paramount never really did cut ties with him. As soon as they said they would cut ties with his production company, they hired him and his company back for M:I IV.

      04/07/2012 at 10:37

      • The main reason Paramount cut ties with him was because they were going bankrupt. However, shortly thereafter, they were bought by CBS, so they had no reason to continue with that course of action. I don’t know him either, but he does occasionally do something odd when he’s on camera. I don’t know how it is in England, but over here that crap gets splashed everywhere and you can’t help but hear about it. (whether or not you want to)

        06/07/2012 at 14:03

      • It’s the same here in the UK. Though not too bad with TV, but most news paper seem to report on gossip than news. I know they do it because it sells papers.
        But they where the ones that repoart on crap that celables are doing no matter how famous they are, in the first place. so they created the demand for it now.
        Bloody TW@TS!!

        06/07/2012 at 15:55

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