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Tron: Uprising, Review

Tron: Uprising is a new animated half hour TV series from Disney. Set before the events of Tron: Legacy. The story centres around a young program called Beck who is a mechanic voiced by Elijah Woods. Beck lives in Argon City, this not to be confused with Tron City seen in Tron: Legacy. Both belong on the grid which is a computer Operational System.

Clu has won the ISO War as stated in Tron: Legacy and taken over Tron City. He is now sending out his Generals to the rest of the Grid to take over the whole system.
General Tesler (Lance Henriksen) is sent to occupier Argon City, here one of Beck’s close friends is Derezzed (AKA killed) by one of Tesler guards. Beck, then decides to rebel against Clu’s army, While doing so he pretends to be Tron. Rinzler (Clu’s main attack dog in Tron: Legacy) captures Beck and revile himself to be Tron (voiced by Bruce Boxleitner) alive but not quite well.
Tron takes Beck under his wing and starts to train him to be the next Tron.

Tron: Uprising’s story isn’t bad; the story flows well and has a nice peace to it.
There is a good amount of action in each episode which helps it move along without becoming boring.

The animation of the show is very good and really captures the feel of Tron.
However the character design could have been done a little better. As all the characters have short bodies and very long legs. This takes a little while to get use to but it not a major issue.
Every character has a unique, slightly alien look to his or her design. The main character, Beck feels like the quintessential hero.
The female character design is where the aesthetic really defines itself. Mara (Mandy Moore), Paige (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and Perl (Kate Mara) have their personality seemingly defined by the composition of their faces.
A lot of the credit for any early success of Uprising is due to art director Alberto Mielgo, and character designer Rob Valley – the artist behind the equally impressive Gorillaz music videos.

Beware of the below spoilers.

The timeline for the show has been stated in the trailer to be set before Tron: Legacy. However it is shown that Tron is full aware of what is going on.
It’s is shown that Tron was reprogramed by Clu to become Rinzler, in a flash back in Tron: Legacy. This would have happened before the events of this show. It only at the end of Tron: Legacy that Tron over come’s this programming in order to save Flynn and Flynn son.

So how is Tron able to over come the programming in order to train Beck to become the next Tron? But not able to do so once he knew Flynn was alive in Tron: Legacy. This would work if the events where after Tron: Legacy as Clu would now be dead. This is something that the show runner will have to address later on in the show, but would have been helpful in the pilot.

End of spoilers.

One of the good things about Tron: Uprising is that it does not have a lot of back story to work with as the only official source of material come’s form the two films.
This means that the show can go and do it own thing and explore new ideas all with the grid.

Overall the show has a lot of potential to grow. It looks like the first few episodes were a bit rough, but they are working it out as they go along. I could see season two being a very well paced, action packed adventure story that ties in the missing gaps of the movies, and really helps to flush out the Tron universe. I just hope that the creators notice these flaws early on and take heed before producing more episodes.

Until the next time I’ll you on the Grid!

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