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Red Dwarf X, Trailer

Thats rigth the classic British Comdey Sci-fi show is coming back to the small screen.
Season 10 will air on the Dave Channel, 3 years after Dave got the rights to Red Dwarf and made the special Back to Earth.
This is also 13 years since season 8 last aired on the BBC.

Now your going to say, wait how can they go from serise 8 to 10, where 9?

Doug Naylor stated in an interview with Dave before the broadcast of Back to Earth that he would like to make another full-length series, but added that “we would have to wait and see” how good or bad the reaction to the new specials would be. He also stated that he would not want to make a series nine but that he might make a series ten, and explained that this would “make a lot more sense in future”. The specials establish that two series focusing on the events leading up to Back to Earth occurred after series eight; during the fictional ninth series (described within the episode by one fan as “the best series yet”), Kryten informed Lister that Kochanski had died, but within Back to Earth Lister learned that Kochanski hadn’t died at all, leaving open the possibility of Lister’s pursuit of Kochanski in future episodes.

I hope this will be good as I am a huge red Dwarf fan. So for my Generation living in the UK Red Dwarf in our Star Trek TOS.

Dave Lister “Lets get out there and Tw@T it!!”


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