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The Dark Knight Rises, Film Review.

Christopher Nolan changed the way comic book movies where perceived with his Batman Begins.
By bring Batman into the real world and leaving the fantasy of the comics behind, which means that there is no silly way super-villains come about. IE the Joker falling into a vat of chemicals. No he is simple an intelligent man that is a psychopath. Also the Tech used by Batman in the Nolan films actually work or will be possible in a few years. (The Tumbler actually works and doses everything you see in the films except for the Bat-Pod coming from it.)

Batman Begins focused on origins of how Bruce Wayne became the Bat, but it also about fear. The Dark knight showed the chaos of Gotham city. The Dark Knight Rises plays on your emotions, and it successfully delivers in this endeavour. Bane is the antagonist in this sequel and he tests Batman physically and mentally, pushing him far beyond his limits.

The film takes place eight years after The Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne refuses to leave his manor as he blames himself for the death of Rachel. However Bane is on the rampage in Gotham and Batman is needed more and more, it up to Bruce to make the decision to come out of retirement and help or let the city crumble and destroy itself.

The film starts of slower than The Dark knight, having a more common tie with Batman Begins. However the slow start is only to crank up the tension taking beyond what The Dark Knight did and keep tightening up to breaking point. The Dark Knight Rises is not as dark as the previous two films, when you expect it to be darker. After all Bane does break Batman literally just as he did in their first encounter in the comics.

The one thing I had a problem with in this film was Banes muffled voice. While most of the time you can hear what he is saying there are a few parts where you can’t.
This was raised before the film was realised by those lucky few that got to see 15 mins of the film. However Nolan stated he would not get Tom Hardy to re-record these lines. Which is a great shame as some of his hard to hard to hear dialogue has plot points in it.

There are some great references and cameos from the comics with Cillian Murphy poping up as Dr Craine. Even Killer Croc gets a hinted at. Fans of the comics will see some twists coming, but this doesn’t lessen the experience in any way.

Christopher Nolan has done a superb job with bring Batman back from the shambles that where Batman Forever (not too bad, but nowhere as good as the Tim Burton films before It.) and Batman and Robin. He has set the bar high with this trilogy, which any DC Comic film since Batman Begins came out has not even come close too.
Nolan has tied up the trilogy nicely and tying up loose ends. However as the film ends (I won’t spoil it for anyone that has not seen it.) He creates some new ones that give the potential of another film set with in this Universe his has created. This is very annoying because Warner Brothers announced while The Dark Knight Rises was being filmed that they were going to reboot Batman once again.
This means any new film set in Nolan Batman Universe is unlikely to happen now. This is a great shame. Even though Nolan has stated that he will not direct another Batman film, it does not rule him out from producing or writing the script for one.

I give The Dark Knight Rises a 5 of 5.

Gotham City Police Officer: [to his partner, upon witnessing Batman’s return] Oh boy, you are in for a show tonight, son!


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  1. Excellent film, definitely a 5/5.

    I agree on the Nolan films, they took away all of the fantasy elements like Ra’s Al Ghoul’s immortality and Bane’s venom. He made them more believable as characters. (and, of course, the Joker’s later origin) Originally, Batman was really believable but they’ve added so many fantasy characters along the way and it’s become more like the other comics in the DC line. I hope Warner reconsiders and does another film for the series. Like you said, there’s plenty of potential there. Christopher Nolan could produce and he may even reconsider directing, or they could just get another good director. If not, they need to leave it alone for a few years, probably a decade or more. I don’t even want to see a Batman film in a new series for at least that long.

    As for Bane’s muffled voice, it was realistic given the mask he was wearing. Really, if Nolan had brought Hardy in to re-record the lines, it would have been more clear but would have sounded unrealistic. Though, I think I got the main things he said (plot points and whatnot.) The theater in which I saw the film has GREAT sound and it was quite loud.

    28/08/2012 at 19:04

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