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Battleship, Film Review

Has Hollywood really ran out of ideas?
There are some great novels out there waiting to be turned into movies, however of the last decade Hollywood has only been interesting in making mind numbing CGI films, or remaking films that really should not be remade. But now Hollywood has made a movie based on a board game that has no storyline. What next Minesweeper, The Movie?

Battleship is based of The Hasbro board game of the same name. Staring Taylor Kitsch as Lieutenant Hooper and Rihanna.

When alien’s lands in the Pacific Ocean near an international Navel training fleet and not to far from the Hawaiian Islands, three destroyers are sent to investigate. (Battleships have been retired since the end of the cold war.)

What follows is two hours of mind numbing CGI and a script that is very lack luster. But that is to be expected with today’s Hollywood. At one point in the movie Battleship is played on a live scale. However don’t expect anyone to say “You’ve suck my Battleship!”

The film action sequences are a mess and taken straight from one of Michael Bay’s Transformers films with the editing but then the alien look like they jump over from the Bay’s Transformer films. But then both are Hasbro Property.

The alien’s supposedly superior weaponry only managers to destroy a few ships, a freeway, a baseball pitch and navel air base. But this leads to a major flow with the film, what the hell are the Army doing? They don’t even get a shown in the film.

Battleship is very lackluster with a very plain script, but what do expect for a film based on board game with no story.

I give this film a 2 out of 5.

Cal Zapata: If there is intelligent life out there and they come here, it’s going to be like Columbus and the Indians, only we’re the Indians.

The Title to J.J Abram’s Trek sequel has been announced.

It has been confirmed from a number of different saucer that the title to the next Star Trek film will be Star Trek Into the Darkness.
“According to sources, the creative team are still working on how they will officially roll out this new title. The first acknowledgement will likely be made with some kind of visual treatment, either a type treatment for the title or possibly even a teaser poster or image. Indications are that this official roll out should be coming soon.”