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Blowing off the Dust!

I have not been around much over the last month.
This was due to going away on holiday to Israel. Despite troubles that go on in that part of the world, it is really worth going to see as it is really is stunning in beauty. One moment you could be in a green area with lots of farms and the next you’re in the desert.

I have been to Israel twice before (mostly stayed in Tel-Aviv and the north of the country), but this was the first time I really got to the see the country. I rented car and head up north and headed up to see the Golan Heights. After spending a few days I headed down south though the West Bank to the Dead Sea.

I have to say that being in the Dead Sea is a very surreal experience and one that everyone should try. It’s amazing how clean the air is there. But that is to be expected as it is also the deepest part of the world. (404 meters below sea level.)
After being at the Dead Sea, it was a drive south though the desert and back to Tel-Aviv. I also spent a day in Jerusalem before flying back to the UK.

With being back in the UK I have not really been in the mood to do much with 3D, so things have ground to halt with what I have been working on. However I have been watching some films and getting back into drawing. Something I have not in years and I am very rusty. Hopefully I will get back into gear with the 3D but I need some inspiration for that.

So look out from some film review and possible so 2D work.
But in the mean time here are some photos from my holiday.

Taken in Metula, Looking out into Lebanon.
The end of the green fields and housing are in Israel, everything beyond that is Lebanon

Ein Gedi beach, on the Dead Sea

Looking over the Dead Sea. The mountains in the background are Jordon.
The Road in the foreground is in the West Bank.

Wild life above the Dead Sea.

So peaceful! Relaxing at the Dead Sea.
Outside the water the temperature was 45C while in the water it was a lovely 30C.

Sunset in the Desert.


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