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Rock of Ages, Film Review

I not a fan of musicals films and try to stay away from them.
However I love Rock music and the 80’s was a great time for Rock.
The misses had been, wanting to see Rock of Ages since it came out. So I went out and got it for her.

As with most musical the story is not all that.
Set in 1987 a small town girl, Sherrie (Julianne Hough) travels to LA to make a name for herself. She ends up working at the legendary rock club The Bourbon, where she meets Bartend Drew (Diego Boneta) who dreams of being a Rock-God.
The Bourbon is nearly bankrupted; in order to get out of it owner Dennis (Alec Baldwin) and side-kick Lonny (Russell Brand) have managed to get legendary Rock-God Stacey Jaxx (Tom Cruise) to play his last gig with his band Arsenal before going solo. While all this is going on, conservative-values campaigner Patricia Whitmore (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is trying to get The Bourbon closed down.

Hough and Boneta are not that great as leads and their story does go off on one.
While Baldwin and Brand look like they are having a great time in their rolls, though Brand is not that well for the comedy. I would have liked to see more of Catherine Zeta-Jones roll, as she is trying to get The Bourbon closed down. However it comes across as more of add on and really does not do anything for the over all story. As we already know that if The Bourbon does not make some decent case fast it will have to close down without her.
Cruise has already proven that he can act and once again he steels every scene that he is in. playing Jaxx in a drunken / high stooper though out most of the film. His singing is also not too bad.
Jaxx hairy little friend Hey-Man bring the most laughs thought out the film.
Paul Giamatti is excellent as Jaxx slimy manager.

I have not seen the stage show so I can’t comment on that. However the film falls in the same pits fall as all other musicals fall into. Given that the film/ stage show is based on Rock music and was more rebelling and politics. It would have been better if the story focused on this than being a love story.

The music is great with some real classic in there, however their where moment some truly classic songs could have been used but where missed out. (Licensing due to the stage show?) But that is easy to over look.
Rock of Ages in a fun film to watch with the misses even if it does drag a little. However if you want to watch a movie about Rock your better of with Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2.

I give this film a 2.9 out of 5.

Dennis Dupree: I just threw up.
Lonny: Where?
Dennis Dupree: In my pants!


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