Freaking out about Sci-fi & Moives

Unfinished W.I.P’s

Anyone that has a hobby modelling in 3d will tell you, that you often start a project but for one reason or another you don’t end up finishing it.
So here are just some of the projects that I have worked on and not finished it for one reason or another.

This is the Armadillo, It is a dropship that I modelled, I never got round to finishing off the textures.

This is a building a built using one of the Blender Guru Tut’s.
I was going to build a few more to create a street, but never got round to doing it.

This is another Dropship I built, this time it was to take cargo containers. Again I never got round to texturing it.

This was a lightcycle I was working on. I was going nowhere with this and it still needed a lot of work done to it as well as texturing.

Here is a partly finished model from my Project: Ark, film project.
The reason work stopped on this was due to the fact it was killing my PC and when I tried to render it out. Blender would just die on me. I may go back to this one day. But it unlikely and I just start fresh.

This is a film reel; I planned to using in an animation. I left this project to finish off my Akira class Starship.
I don’t think I will use it in an animation now, but might create a new banner for the Blog. As the Blog has moved away from 3d modelling over the last few years and more toward movie reviews and news.

Here is the last model that I worked on. It is the Federation Fighter I was building for Akira Class.
This only came to a stop as I had lost my mojo for modelling. But I do plan on going back to this one very soon.


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