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G.I Joe: Retaliation, 2nd trailer.

Here is the second trailer to the next G.I. Joe film.

Hopefully this will be better than the first film. Though still enjoyable, it could have been alot better.
G.I Joe: Rataliation was put back a year due to test audiances wanting to see more of Channing Tatum, as he only in the frist act of the film.
That could be a bad thing, but it can’t be a major issue with Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis staring.


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  1. Dude, I love the first film. They find Cobra-La, Cobra Commander gets turned into a snake, Duke winds up in a coma and his brother, Lt. Falcon, has to go to Sgt. Slaughter’s school for misfits. Oh wait, that’s the wrong film. 😛

    Seriously, I like the live action GI Joe film from 2009. I think I rated it a 4/5 on Netflix (I could check but I’m too lazy. ;)) This one looks good too. I guess people whined about Channing Tatum not being in it as much because he’s playing Duke, who was one of the principle characters on the TV series. I guess they felt a GI Joe movie needed to have Duke in it more. Personally, I could give a s***, but that’s just me. 😉

    03/11/2012 at 17:00

    • O I enjoyed the first film. But I think it could have been better than it was. It still had some great actors in it.

      I am look forwrd to the second film, and see how they bring back Storm Shadow. Given that they gave the impresstion that he was killed in the frist.

      06/11/2012 at 08:42

      • I haven’t seen it for a while (I have it somewhere) but didn’t he fall into some ice? He technically could have survived that. Also, it looks like he’s teaming up with the Joes. That should be interesting, given how he and Snake Eyes feel about each other.

        06/11/2012 at 16:33

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