Freaking out about Sci-fi & Moives

Wolverine Drawing & Painting in PS.

I don’t oftern do hand drawing stuff as it takes me donky years to get it to the way I like it and my skills are not all that.
I also better at free hand coping.

As Wolverine is my favorite comic book chariter, I though I start off with him.
I did a search on the net to find a good pic of him that would not be too diffecult.
Once I had finished with drawing the pictuer I scanned it into Photoshop.
I tried to paint it in PS but it was very basic and came out like this.

Wovlerine test 0

I found a tut by Patrick Brown (long time followers of my blog will remember I did a show case of his GTA fan art. If you have seen not it you can here.) which put me on the right path.

Not having a grahpic tablet was a pain in the arse but I think I got there. I am happy with the way this truned out.

Wovlerine Inking finished

So I am now going to try my own creation without coping someone else work.


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