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Star Trek, Workbee Part 5, External Textuers Finished

I have now finished applying the textures to the Workbee. I have to say that I am very happy with the way it has turned out so far.
I like to thank Eric over on with help with the issue I was having with the textures.

So here is where she stands now.

WorkBee Test 05

WorkBee Test 05a

WorkBee Test 05b

WorkBee Test 05c

I now moving on to finished off modelling the interior of the craft.

Total Recall (Remake), Film Review


Borrowing the basic premise of Philip K. Dick’s source story and jettisoning most of Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 adap (although the three-boobed hooker makes her expected appearance), Recall introduces us to a future where mass chemical warfare has devastated much of the world.

The two main civilisations that remain are the British Federation (the UK and most of northern Europe) and the Colony. (Australia)
Connecting both civilisations is “The Fall”. A tunnel though the centre of Earth, which a giant “block” runs though on rails like a lift.

Bryan Cranston is the Prime Minister of the British Federation and wants to invade The Colony, with an army of robot soldiers.
Colin Farrell’s a working stiff who, after an abortive visit to memory-implant company ‘Rekall’, learns he’s really a spy sworn to overthrow the government.
Along the way, there’s a love triangle involving Jessica Biel and Beckinsale, who beat each other to a pulp many times. And that’s most of the movie: fistfights and core-of-the-Earth elevator rides.

Total Recall is lacking in story and really does not grab you like the Verhoeven’s film does. However one of it saving graces is the visual. This is where the film stands on it own.

You have to give credit to Len Wiseman for trying to take this story in a different direction, as most remakes are just re-hashes of what came before. However this is the biggest problem with the film as it does not bring anything new that we have not seen in other sci-fi films.

As a remake Total Recall is a complete fail and it fails to capture the same magic that the original ha and is not as thrilling or entertaining.
Saying that if the produces and Wiseman had removed the Total Recall elements from this story it would have been a far better film.

I give this film a 1.5 out of 5

Slacker: [Doug cuts the mobile phone out of his hand] Holy shit. What is that? Where can I get one?

Olympus Has Fallen, Trailer

Olympus has fallen stars Gerard Butler as a United States Secret Service agent who must stop Korean terrorists from taking over the White House and holding the President of the United States hostage.

The film also stars Aaron Eckhart ,Morgan Freeman as Speaker Trumbull and Angela Bassett.

Miss Emily Rose Harris, Painting

With finishing Jenson Button, I wanted to do something a little more challenging.
So I flicked though John Eaves Pin-Up photos and found this one of Miss Emily Rose Harris in John’s Star Trek Red Dress collection.


I knew that this would be a big challenge as the hair was the biggest issue I had with the Jenson painting.
Anyway after drawing out the Miss Harris I brought her over into Photoshop and started the painting process.
I am not too happy with the face, but once the hair is added I hope it will look better, otherwise I will have to go back and redo it.
I am extremely happy with the way the Phaser turned out though.

Miss Emily Rose Harris test 4

The Art of Andrew Comb

For those of you that visit will know Andrew Comb as Tobian.
Andrew has been working on his Star Trek inspired Space Station as long as I have known him which is just over 8 years.

Andrew’s Pluto Station is a very high detail model. But unlike most modellers Andrew is not just working on the outside but the inside as well. Everything is being done to the same level of details. This has meant that as Andrew skills have improved, he has gone back and rebuilt older sections.

Here are just some of the render of his station.


Pulto station

Pulto station 2



Unfortunately there is not a full station render as it now stand Andrew would need a small render farm to get a render done in a short period of time.
Andrew has had his work on the station published in the 3D World Magazine. He also does the odd tutorial for lightwave for them as well.

You can follow Andrew work on his new Blog here
I have also added it under the Blogroll on the right hand side of this site.
You can also follow his work on the station on one of longest running threads here.

Red 2, Film Trailer

RED 2 is the sequel to the 2010 film, RED which was inspired by the limited comic book series of the same name created by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, and published by the DC Comics imprint Homage. The film stars Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lee Byung-hun and Helen Mirren with Dean Parisot directing a screenplay by Erich and Jon Hoeber. RED 2 is scheduled to be released on August 2, 2013.

You can read my review of Red Here

Star Trek, Work Bee, Part 4

Work on the Workbee has slowed up.
This is mainly due to the fact I have forgotten how to set up some of the martial’s that I want to apply to the craft.
But it is moving along slowly.

Here is where it currently stands.

WorkBee Test 04

WorkBee Test 04a

WorkBee Test 04b

Here is an early test of render out the craft in Cycles.

Cycle render test

I don’t think I will continue with the cycles for this project as I have not got a clue how to set up the textures for it. So I will be going back to Blender Guru to learn how to do this.