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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a good Christmas /Chanukah or as it known in my home Chritmakah.

2012 was a great year to be British and living in the UK. We had the Queens Golden Jubilee (Very wet), Olympics’ and Paralympics’. These two major events just lifted the sprit of the country. After these events it hard to say we Brit don’t know how to do the tradition (The Jubilee) and how to party.

As for me I had a good year with the blog, with 10,000 more visitors than the 2011.
Which I am really happy with, so a big Thank You to everyone that visited and started to follow my blog.

The site was visited by people form 114 different countries, with most coming from the States followed by Canada and the UK.

The most popular post this year was the Paul, film review.
The most popular picture I posted was the Hulk title card.

Last year I did not post as many finished art peaces, compared to 2011, which will have to change for this.
However I did start 3d modelling with Lego and rendering it out in Blender. (Something I will have to get back to that.) I also finished modelling off the Akria Class Starship from Star Trek. I have been working on the textures for it but I have not been happy with the results so no post of that. But I do plan on having it finished this year.

I got back into drawing and started to paint in Photoshop. I plan to continue with that.
I hope to get back to my 3D movie project this year, but that will be something I will do towards the end of year.

I will carry on posting news coming out of Hollywood, film trailers and reviews.
I have reviews of Ted, Total Recall (remake), Pitch Perfect and Men in Black 3 to post soon.

So once again a Big Thank You to everyone that has visited the blog and continue to follow me.


One response

  1. Happy New Year, Dean. 😀

    Paul is a great film, it’s not surprising that’s a popular post.

    02/01/2013 at 16:24

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