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Red 2, Film Trailer

RED 2 is the sequel to the 2010 film, RED which was inspired by the limited comic book series of the same name created by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, and published by the DC Comics imprint Homage. The film stars Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lee Byung-hun and Helen Mirren with Dean Parisot directing a screenplay by Erich and Jon Hoeber. RED 2 is scheduled to be released on August 2, 2013.

You can read my review of Red Here


4 responses

  1. Sweet. I’m looking forward to this, I really like the first one. 😀

    18/01/2013 at 16:37

    • Same here, the first film was great.
      Its had some really funny moments.

      18/01/2013 at 17:19

      • Yeah, lots of good and funny stuff in the first one. Though, nothing beats Academy Award winner, known for period films, Helen Mirren rocking a a .50 cal. 😉 Here entire character was awesome. “I take the odd contract here and there.” Based on that preview for Red 2, she’s going to be great in that one too. I also really liked John Malkovich’s character in the first one, even if he was crazy. (now I’ve gotta whip out my Red DVD and watch it again :D)

        18/01/2013 at 18:40

      • LOL Yeah I need to rewatch it also.

        21/01/2013 at 09:31

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