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The Art of Andrew Comb

For those of you that visit will know Andrew Comb as Tobian.
Andrew has been working on his Star Trek inspired Space Station as long as I have known him which is just over 8 years.

Andrew’s Pluto Station is a very high detail model. But unlike most modellers Andrew is not just working on the outside but the inside as well. Everything is being done to the same level of details. This has meant that as Andrew skills have improved, he has gone back and rebuilt older sections.

Here are just some of the render of his station.


Pulto station

Pulto station 2



Unfortunately there is not a full station render as it now stand Andrew would need a small render farm to get a render done in a short period of time.
Andrew has had his work on the station published in the 3D World Magazine. He also does the odd tutorial for lightwave for them as well.

You can follow Andrew work on his new Blog here
I have also added it under the Blogroll on the right hand side of this site.
You can also follow his work on the station on one of longest running threads here.


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