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The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Reivew.


If you have not read my review of The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, you can read it here.

The Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 picks up months after Batman’s return to crime fighting, and his defeat of the ferocious Mutant Gang leader. With Gotham City’s worst crime organization now splintered, Batman works alongside his newest Robin, Carrie Kelly, cleaning up all the Gotham City.

The Dark Knight’s return has brought some unforeseen consequences: Newly-appointed police commissioner Ellen Yindel views Batman as an outlaw and calls for his arrest; after years in a catatonic state, The Joker is revived by Batman’s resurgence and plans new mayhem. Even in the Oval Office, the president readies his pet Superman for forceful intervention, should Batman continue to make mockery of the law banning super hero activities.

Just like part 1 story elements had to be left out, but this is the cost of adapting a comic/book to the screen. The returning voice cast of Peter Weller as Batman and Ariel Winter as Robin, bring there Characters to life once again. Michael Emerson joins the cast as The Joker; his take on the character is not in the same league as the much loved Mark Hamill. But Hamil take would not work here. Mark Valley (Human Target) is excellent as Superman.

The style of the film keeps with part 1 and Miller book, but that is to be expected as it is the same team that did both films. It’s a shame that the film has been broken up into two parts. As it would work well as a full feature length film, instead of running just under 80 mins.

If you’re a fan of Miller book, this is worth a look along with part 1.
If you have not read the book, then you go and read it as it will give you a better sight into the film.
I give Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 4.5 out of 5.

Batman: Tonight I am going to maintain order in Gotham City. You are going to help me. But not with these. These are loud and clumsy. These are the weapons of cowards.
[snaps rifle in half]
Batman: Our weapons are precise and quiet. In time I will teach them to you. But for tonight, you will rely on your brains and your fists. Tonight, we are the law. Tonight, I am the law.


2 responses

  1. I like it, despite the story changes. Some stuff was changed to make it flow better, others because of how difficult it was to translate a single panel to screen and a few just because they felt like it. (artistic license ;)) As much as I love Mark Hamill as the Joker, I thought Michael Emmerson did a good job. He did his own take on the character, and the character was also a different Joker than the one Hamill played, which had to be taken into consideration. The Joker in this film was in a catatonic state for about a decade and came back out of his shell after Batman’s return. His obsession over the Dark Knight’s return is borderline perverse and he’s also been deprived of killing all those years, so he’s like a fiend who goes on a bender. I thought Emmerson did a good job of portraying that kind of character, rather than the lovable psychotic clown at the height of his criminal career that Hamill portrayed. I agree, it would have been nice to have this all in one film, but that’s now how they did it, unfortunately. But, it makes sense from a monetary standpoint. At $19.99 per DVD and $24.99 per Blu-Ray, (plus whatever it costs for digital downloads) that’s a lot more money when you multiply it by two and consider the amount of copies sold. I don’t know how much it costs in other regions, but that’s the going rate for the region 1 DVDs/Blu-Rays in the United States. (though, some of us pre-ordered from Amazon and paid less than that ;))

    08/03/2013 at 15:34

    • I like Emmerson take of the Joke. But I thought it was missing something.
      It would have been intresting to see Hamil take, because as you said the Joker is a different from what Hamil normally does with him.
      It just a shame that he has huge up his Joke hat. Still went out with a bang though. 😀

      08/03/2013 at 17:04

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