Freaking out about Sci-fi & Moives

Star Trek, Workbee, Cargo Attachment.

Before stating work on the cargo attachment for the Workbee, I have built the cargo containers that I will be using.
They are simple and just a little smaller than a Workbee.

Cargo Contianer

I started to block out the shape from my version, but noticed that this is far larger than the one seen in the show and films. It also looks very different to what has come before.
With that I started to block out another version, this was closer to what has been seen. I started to knock up a connector for the Workbee to attach to the “train” but nothing was working.
I think this was due to my design going to far from the look that has been established.
With that I have scrapped both versions, and started again.

This time I am starting from the connection point. There is not much to show on that just yet, but here are the two failed version I did for the “train”.

Faild 1

Faild 2


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