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Weekly posts may be a bit slow, reason for this is that I am very busy at work and at home. Because of this I had little time to work on my 2d, 3d stuff and the film reviews.
Things should slow down at work once the kids go on the summer holidays at the end of the month. Once that happens I should be able to get back to a more regular posting of the stuff I am working on and some finished stuff.

I got a back log of film reviews to write up; so I will be getting to that first.
In the mean time here is a few pictures to show the scale of the Trek stuff I am working on and have finished.

First up, from left to right is the Type-11 shuttle (finished), Workbee with Cargo carrier module (W.I.P), Workbee with Arm attachments (finished), Workbee with no attachments (finished) and Max used to make sure everything is the same scale.

Ship scale 1

Next up, is the Akira Class (W.I.P textures to be added.) and everything above.

Ship Scale top

Same as the last picture just a different angle.

Ship Scale front

I am hoping to have the Star Trek Into Darkness review up by the end of the week otherwise it will be next, so please keep checking back.


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