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Star Trek, Workbee, Cargo Attachment. Part 4

What started out as a small project has just increased in size.
I only expected this project to last a few weeks. Granted the primary project was done in a few weeks, but I went and decided to build a few attachments to go with it.

With working on a few non 3D projects this is taking longer than I would like to get done. But hay-ho, I am hoping to get this done before Christmas so I can put together the idea of a picture I had last Christmas.

Anyway with that said. More work done on the main body of the cargo attachment.
Except for a little work on the underside I think I am done.
I have modelled some more details and put in some power cores for the cargo container holders to work, add some navigation lights and the links for the Workbee / other cargo attachments to connect together.

I will next be working on impulse engines to move this thing around.

Cargo pod test 5

Cargo pod test 5a

Cargo pod test 5b

And here it is textured.

Cargo pod test 6

Cargo pod test 6a

Cargo pod test 6b


Portrait of a Work Colleague

Here is the third entry into the Portrait of a… that I am currently doing for work.
Still having issues with doing hair but apart from that I am happy with the results of this one.

Still got a few more to do in the Portrait of a…collection. But the idea is once they are all done I will put them altogether to make one large team Portrait.

Ali 7

GTA V Leak

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years don’t care about console games. You will know that Grand Theft Auto V will be out in the next six days. (17th September)

Though I don’t normally review computer games, I will make exception for this as I am a huge GTA fan. So expect that at some point but not to soon as I want to play with it for awhile before I do the review.

With the realised date getting closer and closer people are hunting down for any scrap of information about it that they can get.
If you are one that don’t wanting to know anything about the game until you play it stop reading now I don’t look at the picture as there will be spoiler and unfortunately as far I know spoiler tags that you can use on a forum, which will hide the following content. Is not a feature of WordPress.

With that said, he is the spoiler.
You may or may not know that Rockstar have stated that the map for GTA V is the biggest one they have made to date. The maps of GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption can all fit with in the map of GTA V.
This means that the map is five times bigger than anything they have done before.
Today the map was leaked onto the internet.
It shows everything but does not show the underwater areas which you can also explore all of.
It looks like the picture of the map was taken from the GTA V guide published by Bradygames which someone has managed to get hold of before it and the game realised date.

(click on picutre to get the full size.)

Portrait of a Yellow Bastard

Another portrait of a colleague from work.
It is part of a small project I am currently working on.
This person loves his fake sun tan. Which makes him look orange and some times a little yellow.
So I had a little bit of fun and rammed up the yellow to make him the Yellow Bastard. 😉

Lee That Yellow Bastard

Here is the original painting.

Lee team pic

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Film Reivew


Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is a story that is set many years after the Brothers Grimm fairytale. In it Hansel and Gretel have grown up to be legendary Witch Hunters, travelling the world killing witches.

This sound like a great story idea, however it just does not quite pays off.
The reason for this, is that there are two many subplots going on. Hansel (Jeremy Renner) is shown to have diabetes, which is not really gone into, except for a throw away line about eating too many sweets when he was a kid. I missing this line the first time I watched it, so had no idea why he kept injecting himself. I only got it on the second view to remind myself of the film in order to write this review.

Hansel, hates all witches but comes to learn that are not all witches are evil. Again this is another subplot that really does not go into much detail. But it give him a storyline while his sister has been kidnapped from the local time they been hired to save the kids in.

Grete (Gemma Arterton), only really has one subplot, where she befriends a Troll that works for the witches. “…Because a Troll has to do what a witch says.”
This storyline is not really need, but it gives the excellent Peter Stormare who plays the town sheriff some more screen time.

Famke Janssen plays the head witch, the FX of her going from looking human to a horrid witch is excellent and she have a ball in this role oozing evil at every moment she on screen, steal the scene from the rest of the casts.

With all that the film moves along at a nice peace, and it has some good idea.
There are some good effects with the killing of the whites and some other things, witch has a bit of gore, but that come out a bit comic bookie, which is what the feel of the is.
The big battle with the witches can be clearly seen to have been shot on a sound stage instead of out doors, which is another let down, but easily to ignore while watching the action on screen.
The Acting form Renner and Arterton is not the greatest. But then this just a take your brain out and watch film.

Even though the film story does not have much focus and the subplots bring it down.
The film is still enjoyable but it something I would not watch over and over again.
Paramount thinks Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters has the potential to have a sequel, as they have green light that. But if the story does not have focus, people will stop coming to see it.

I give this film a 2 out of 5.

Hansel: Whatever you do, don’t eat the fuckin’ candy.