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Star Trek, Workbee, Cargo Attachment. Part 4

What started out as a small project has just increased in size.
I only expected this project to last a few weeks. Granted the primary project was done in a few weeks, but I went and decided to build a few attachments to go with it.

With working on a few non 3D projects this is taking longer than I would like to get done. But hay-ho, I am hoping to get this done before Christmas so I can put together the idea of a picture I had last Christmas.

Anyway with that said. More work done on the main body of the cargo attachment.
Except for a little work on the underside I think I am done.
I have modelled some more details and put in some power cores for the cargo container holders to work, add some navigation lights and the links for the Workbee / other cargo attachments to connect together.

I will next be working on impulse engines to move this thing around.

Cargo pod test 5

Cargo pod test 5a

Cargo pod test 5b

And here it is textured.

Cargo pod test 6

Cargo pod test 6a

Cargo pod test 6b


2 responses

  1. Looking great, bro. Have you ever noticed how it’s usually the “quick” projects that wind up being not so quick? 😉

    24/09/2013 at 15:49

    • Yeah, though if I had left it at just the Workbee. The picture I plan to do would be a bit boring.

      24/09/2013 at 18:38

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