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Warm Bodies, Film Review


Zombies are currently the in thing, with countless Zombie movies being realised and a TV show too (The Walking Dead).
Simon Pegg gave us the first ROM-ZOM-COM with Shaun of The Dead back in 2004. So it been awhile since another came along, since we had a romantic comedy with Zombies.
Warm bodies is just that a ROM-ZOM-COM, based on the book by Isaac Marion, adapted for the big screen by Jonathan Levine.

Nicholas Hoult plays the Undead R, who lives or un-lives at an abandoned Airport somewhere in North America, along with a hoard of other Zombies and Bones. (Zombies that have lost any resemblance to being human and are just skeletal with skin tightly fitting there bones.)

We get to see a normal day for R, just walking around not really doing anything. R meets up with a friend played by Rob Corddry, who is underused.
They communicate thought grunt and single words. This could have been funnier.
They both agree to be hungry so head off to the city with a few other Zombies looking for food.
R and his friends come across a group of humans looking for medical supplies.
R and his friends attack the humans going for the brains as this is the tastes part.
It also allows them to take on the memories of the victim and know what it likes to be human for a short time. R kills the young man that was in-charge of the group, and eats his brain. As he does so he takes on the young man memories and sees the victim’s girlfriend Julie (Teresa Palmer). Because of the felling R is felling something changes in him. R decides to protect Julie by smearing Zombie blood over her to take away the human sent from her, and take her back to the plane he lives in to keep her safe.

It is at this point of the film where Warm Bodies start to follow Romeo and Juliet; it even has a balcony scene.
But while the romance is sweet, it’s too self-aware and lacks the passion to cause much swooning.

John Malkovich plays Julie father, who is leader of the humans, once again he is underused. Malkovich part also a little larger than a cameo part, which is a great shame.
While the film has humour it not hilarious either, though there are a few scenes that will make you smile. R tells Julie off for over-egging her zombie.
The final battle between Human, Zombies and Bones is entertaining; it feels like it still missing something.

All in all Warm Bodies has the potential to be better than it is. It is a shame that it misses a lot of it marks. The cast is good and I have not issue with them except with the talent that in the film some of it could have been used better.
I give Warm Bodies 2.5 out of 5.

Kevin: Hey.
R: [voice-over] Say something human. Say something human.
R: How… are… you…?
R: [voice-over] Nailed it.


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