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Red Dawn (Remake), Film Review


The original Red Dawn is a classic film from the mid 80’s staring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen. It is a “what if” story about Russia and Cuba invading the United States during the height of the Cold War.

The Remake is set now, but with Russia losing the Cold War, they can no longer be the villains of the film. To replace them the writers have decided to go with another communist’s country that little is known about, North Korea.

The film follows the same plot as the original, but there have made some changes to the story, such as the location is no longer set in Colorado but in Washington.
Also the main Character Jed, (original played by Swayze is now played by Chris Hemsworth) is now an Iraq War veteran that has returned home. This gives him military experience that the original version the character did not have.
This does make it a little more believable that a group of teens that can quickly take on an army using Guerrilla tactics. (There is a montage of Jed training the kids up.)

Director Dan Bradley does a good job with the action and the stunt work, but like most films coming out of the States he has over done it with American Patriotism. While this not a bad thing for American audiences it starting to get a little old for those of us who are not American.
(In recent years Hollywood Blockbuster has made more money in the oversea market than at home.)

The Cast are decent enough with the material they are given. Hemsworth shines in the film; however there are better performances from him. But this is not surprising given that this was one of the first films he did after arriving in the States from Australia.
Red Dawn and Cabin in the Woods, (another film staring Hemsworth.) where sitting on the shelf for a good year due to MGM going bankrupt. By the time that had been sorted out Hemsworth and the other cast member had gone on to make their names in other films.

Red Dawn is a decent enough action film, but the message it trying to say really dose not fit with the world today, and this film really is for yesteryear. While the film does have some issue like not explain how these kids that are being hunted can slip in and out of town, without being noticed. It is still enjoyable.

Unlike the original Red Dawn, the film does not end on such a bleak note. Yes the War is still on going, but it leaves a door open for a sequel which is not really needed and most unlikely to happen.

As I have said I enjoyed this film but it not as good as the original. Given how much that the world has changed this story is now outdated. I think it would have been better as what if the Soviet Russia had not collapsed, and it was the US that had fallen, giving the Soviet a chance to Invade.
I give this film 2 out of 5.

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