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Guardians of the Galaxy, Trailer 2

I never read any of the Guardians of the Galaxy stuff when I was a kid.
Reason being, living in the UK, there are not too many Comic books stores about.
So my local one was some distance away and to pay to get there did not leave me much to spend. (Unlike kids today, we had to pay to use Buses and the London Underground.)
Because of this I only read the Amazing Spider-Man and few of the X-Men titles.
By the time I had got my first part time job, I was more interested in going down the pub with my mates that reading Comics

With this in mind I know next to nothing about Guardians of the Galaxy. I think this can be a good thing. I will be seeing this on the big screen, As I try to see all the Marvel films on the big screen.

Anyway here is the trailer.

Outline Work, Part 2

More line work.
I am thinking of using this one for September.
I am really pleased with the way this one turned out. It should look even better, once I have done the colours.

Sep girl

***Post updated, due to the really poor grammar used.***

Outline Work.

Currently I don’t have much time on my hands with work, home life studding and going for my motorbike licence.
So with the little free time I do have, I have started a new project of 12 pictures that I plan to turn into a calendar at the end. At the moment I just doing the outlines for each of the pictures, than once I have the time I will go back and colour them in.

So here is the first one. I plan on using this picture for February and you can see why.

Feb Girl