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Iron Man 3, Film Reivew


A sequel tends not to be as good as the original films. However there are exceptions to the rule, Terminator 2, Aliens, Die Hard with Vengeance, Back to the Future 2, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Just to name a few.

Iron Man 2, was an enjoyable film, but personal for me it was just was not on the same level as the original films. I also though that Mickey Rourke, was under used. Which is a great shame as he a good actor and his character has a lot of history which was not really used. (Yes I know it a film but they could have kept him alive at the end of the film, and pop up in a later film.)

Iron Man 3; on the other hand has come back to the same level as the original film. The hard core fan don’t like what Shane Black has done with the story. (I am not going to mention it due to spoilers.) But I like the twist and bring in some really great comedy to the film. (You should also watch the Marvel One Shot: All Hail the King, which also adds to this plot point.)

Iron Man 3, is set roughly a year after the battle of New York (Marvels Avengers’). It kicks off phase 2 for Marvels Cinematic Universe.
Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) is suffering from Post Turmeric Stress Syndrome (PTSS), in order to deal with it, he has focused on building new Iron Man armour, all serving a different function, to protect the people he cares about.
While Tony is focusing on his armour, a new terrorist called the Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley) has starts to attack America at home and aboard. Meanwhile an old friend of Pepper Pots (Paltrow), Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) visits her looking for help from Stark Industries. Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), reckoning Killian from a New Years Eve Park he Tony attended in 1999, and informs Tony. While talking to Tony, Happy Hogan does not like the look of Killian Bodyguard/ Driver and decides to follow him. This leads to Happy Hogan being badly hurt in an explosion, which the Mandarin takes credit for.
After visiting Happy Hogan in hospital, Tony Stark is stopped by the media outside. Tony vows to stop the Mandarin and challenge him to battle by giving his home address. This leads to the attack on his home. This was shown heavily in the trailers, but for change, does not give to much away.

Robert Downey Jr, is still on form playing Tony Stark. This really is the role he was born to play. Don Cheadle, gets a lot more screen time this time round and it great seeing him play Rhodes/ War Machine/ Iron Patriot.
Gewenth Paltrow, is back again as Pepper Pots, she even get a chance to put on the Iron Man suit. (Something I believe only recently happened in the comics.) Sir Ben Kingsley brings a lot comedy to the roll. (Yes I know the Mandarin is a Villain and not just for comedy, this is something that got a lot of hardcore fans back out of a joint. As I said before see the Marvel One Shot: All Hail the King. It will then make scene.)

Given how big the Avengers was, you had to wonder what Marvel was going to do to top it with Iron Man’s solo outing. The simple explanation is to strip everything back to basics, and this is what Shane Black has done.
What we get is a story of Tony Stark having to deal with the events of the Avengers as well as lose everyone close to him including his suit. This leads him to over comes his PTSS, and find how he is again.

Iron Man 3 is an entertaining film with lots of comedy, action and drama.
For those that love their CGI, there are lots of stunning moments, Tony house being blown up is one of them, but the standout moment is Iron Man saving people that are falling out of a plane. Thankful this does not override story, which is something Marvel have shown they are good at.
The film has a nice flow to it, which means that the story does not stall, This lead it to build up the final battle nicely.
The only great shame about this movie is that it could be Robert Downey Jr last solo outing as Iron Man as he is only contracted to do two more films as Iron Man and they will be next years Avengers’: Age of Ultron and Avengers 3.

So here hoping that he will sign on to do some more, because at this point I can’t see anyone else playing him.

Tony Stark: Remember that game, Barrel of Monkeys? This is how it is: we got to catch all the monkeys!


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  1. I actually like Iron Man 2 better than Iron Man 3, but that’s just me. (Iron Man 3 did get a slightly higher average user rating on IMDb) Though, the first film is definitely the best.

    I don’t read the comics, so I didn’t know much about the characters, but I thought the story in Iron Man 3 was a bit weak in spots. There were parts I really liked, and parts I didn’t. I do know, however, that some of the things Shane Black did with the story were from the newer comics, which some people might not like, but that didn’t bother me. The whole “Iron Patriot” thing is part of a newer storyline, (I’ve read that since seeing the film) but I don’t really care where it’s from, I think it’s a stupid idea. Painting Iron Man or War Machine like Captain America is dumb to me. Though, they did make it into kind of a joke and had fun with it in parts, which kind of made it funny. Plus, the part with all of the suits and what they were doing in the final battle was a bit much for me. Robert Downey, Jr. was definitely great, I agree he was born to play the role. I think he really carried the film, even with some of the weak story elements. Gwynneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce also put forth really strong performances, but I wasn’t a fan of Sir. Ben Kingsley’s character. But, that was the writing and not his fault.

    Overall, I’d say the movie was good, but not great. The CGI, meanwhile, was fantastic. I saw a breakdown a while back of the scene where Tony’s house is destroyed (seen in many trailers, so not a surprise) and it just floored me. Fantastic work. 😀

    06/06/2014 at 17:01

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