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Calendar Project, Painting Part 1.

So with all the outline work now done, it to painting each month.
Unlike the outlines I will be doing these in their monthly order. First up is January.
I wanted to go with a cartoony look for each of these pictures, but as I worked on it turned more into a painted look.
There are a few things I not really happy with, but I spent so much time on it if I kept correcting this issues this calendar project won’t be ready for 2016.
Saying that, over all I am really happy with the way this one turned out.
If I was doing this one on its own, its title would be “The Morning After the Night Before.” But as it is for the Calendar, I am going to call it “The Morning After the Year Before.”

01 Jan Gril Colours

All that is left to do now is add the calendar days. This is something that I will be doing once all the painting are finished.

Outline Work, Part 12

Here is the final outlines for the calendar project.
This one will be used for Christmas.

Dec Girl 03

I have also put all the outline together, like you find on the back page of a calendar.
Please note that October and November are the wrong way round.

Calander back page set up

Now it onto the colouring.