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Calendar Project, Painting Part 4.

As I have stated in my last post I have been very busy recently with real world crap. So I have been unable to do anything to post.

Anyway this morning my youngest got up at 04:30 this morning. She has gone into a deep sleep at 17:00 the day before, so there was no chance of her going back to bed. Given her age, someone has to stay up with her. My wife was knackered so I elected to get up. Got my child to play quietly so not to wake the rest of the house, this lead me to getting a chance to sit down a finished of April painting I had started a few months back.

With that I got it finished. I am happy this this one however hair is still giving me some issues.
I can do cartoon hair now but realistic looking hair is still a problem, but it is something I am working on.

Anyway here is the painting.

04 April Girl Colours


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