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Calendar Project, Painting Part 11

I had a lot of fun with this one.
The biggest challenge was doing the detail on the corset.
I also did a quick knock up for the background.
With this I have only one left to do on this project and then it moving onto adding the dates for each month.

October Girl 08

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, Trailer 2

Here is the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

This looks like it could be as good as Captain America: Winter Solider.
There is not much on Ant-Man in this trailer but we do finally get to see the “Web-Head” and he looks good, though I am not to sure about the eye peace’s moving. Yes I know they do that in the comic, but so far the MCU has tired to style to close to reality.

Calendar Project, Painting Part 10.

Here is September from the Calendar project.
This was a fun one to do, but I had trouble with getting the glow from the window to look right.
In the I decide to leave it out and just have the picture as it is.

09 September Gril Colours