Freaking out about Sci-fi & Moives

A guide to my working process.

I was asked how I do my pictures.
Below is a simple guide on how I do it, but below that I will go into more details.
(click picture to get full size.)


Okay into the details. I use a Wacom intuos graphic tablet and Photoshop CS6.
Before I start any peace, I look for a picture that inspires me.


Once I had found a picture I will use this for reference.

I then move onto doing a rough sketch, I used to do this on paper then scan it into the computer, but these day I am tending to do it on the computer.

With the rough sketch done, I then clean up the lines and also change a few things to make it look better.

I then separate all the different elements of the drawing, skin, hair, cloths etc onto different layers. At this point I also add base colours to each of the elements.

From this point I work on one element by creating a colour plate and then starting paint it and building up the details.

Once I have finished one element I move onto the next and repeat step 5 over again. I do this for each element. So, from the picture above you can see that I started with the skin, then moved onto the lingerie, hair and glasses and finally the shirt.

For things that have heavy details like lace on lingerie I don’t paint this by hand. I did it once and took me over two weeks to get it done due to the leave of detail in it. To solve this problem. I look for lace patterns online and then work then into the picture.

For the shirt, the martial is partly see-though to get this to work I created a temp layer under the shit and gave it a bright colour. With this done I was able to paint the shirt and the areas that you could see though was now visible. Once completed I deleted the temp layer.

Once the main picture is completed I then add a background and my signature to the peace and call it done.

I hope that is helpful on my work process.


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