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Suntone Fan Art: Ann

Here is another fan art for the great comic Sunstone by shiniez

Here is Ann the partner of Alan. I plan to Alan in the not too distant future.


Stirling Class W.I.P part 8

Started work on the Nacelles, I must have built about six different version and was not happy with any of them.
I finally settled on a design I am happy with, but I think it is lacking a bit of details.
These a another version that it a little different and I am not sure which one to go wit.
I have also add a some martials to it but these are just temporary before I actually get down and start Texturing the whole ship.

The second version.

I am getting the itch to go back to doing painting so I am thinking about tacking a break from this so I can some ideas where to work next on the ship.