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Star Trek Discovery Season 2 opener “Brothers” Review

Here is my review for Star Trek Discovery Season 2 opener “Brothers”.
Be Warned there will be Spoilers.

We where told during season 1 that we will never see the Enterprise or any of the crew from The Original Series. Like Star Trek: Into Darkness it was a big lie and the Enterprise turned up in the closing moments of season 1.

Brothers open with the Enterprise computer and alot of it systems crashing. With this bring set now nine years before TOS. Kirk is not in command yet but Captain Christopher Pike
played by Anson Mount is, however Spock is the main Science officer aboard. The Enterprise send a priority one distress call out which Discovery answers. Pike quickly take command of the Discovery and informs the crew that Starfleet has charged him to investigate five mysterious red singles that have recently appeared though out the galaxy. Pike along with two of his crew members form Enterprise and Discovery head off to investigate the closes one.

Right from the start this episode started off badly, Burnham starts the episode with the iconic “Space the final frontier…” before cutting off on to a story about a girl in Africa in one of the human early tribes.
Discovery can’t talk to the Enterprise using standard commination’s, so instead of trying to talking them though radio wave, they decided to go straight to Morse code and Pike reply with voice (it never stated how he replied but given the last comment it gives the impression that he replied the same way. You can’t talk with a voice over Morse code it just beeps and dashes.).
Once Pike is on-board the Discovery there is a scene in the turbolift that is played for laughs and steels the humour that The Orville does and it falls flat not even getting a smile form me. We also get to see a pointless CGI effect of how the works with the inter lift taking a 90 degree turn. (The lift went from up right to being on it side and not 90 degree turn round a corner.) These shot also make the Discovery look like the TARDIS small on the outside huge on the inside.
Pike tell the crew that he has been in talks with Starfleet and they have given command. How the hell has been able to talk to them if his commination system is down?
After 15 episode we finally learn the names of the bridge crew as Pike ask for a role call with no rank.. Some of the crew members names have been mention before but has only been passing in one episode or two. They are not mention a very times few in a episode so you can start to remember them. But after this one episode if you ask me to say what their name are I could not tell you without looking it up on the net.

Once the Discovery has arrived at the point of the signal they discover that nothing is there except an asteroid, of feather investigation they find a crashed Starfleet medical ship that went missing during the war sending out a distress signal. They can’t beam down and its dangers to get shuttle to it. Pike ask for option and the crew don’t have any Burnham starts to what they can’t do and why and Pike stops her. She then become insubordinate towards Pike and slaps him down saying “if you had let me finish..” and give a solution. So some of pod for a planet that has similar issues that Discovery just so happened to have aboard, and Burnham just so happens to have been the test pilot for them when they where developed. I going to skip over Burnham being a Mary Sue as we already know that from season 1. But the way she spoke to Pike would not fly. If I was her commanding office I would have slapped her down telling her I asked for options and not what we can’t do, and as she had an option she should have stated that instead giving a run around wasting time.

We then get to see the pods flying around the asteroid field trying to get down to the planet. Along with Pike and Burnham is the two crew members from the Enterprise. One is a Red shirt and the other is a blue shirt. Burnham starts to tell the blue shirt he is doing it wrong, as he starts to “man-splan” he is killed and the destroyed pod damages Pikes. This is the biggest peace of SJW writing in the episode and it annoyed me to hell. The other thing that bugged me was these pods have glass dome, really glass domes for something that was designed for a hostile environment.

Once Pike and the other reach the crashed ship they come across a Engineer doing brain surgery and has been keeping other critical patients alive for ten months using engineering because she read a medical book and the human (and Alien body) is just machine.

While we don’t see adult Spock in this Episode we do see him as a child in flashbacks and he comes across as a right little s**t!

After viewing these episode I am now convinced that STD has no science consultant like the previous Trek had and if they do the writer do not listen to them. It is also very clear that writer in the writing room are not Sci-Fi writers or even like it. Given that this episode had to be reshoot with the next four. I hate to think what it was like before, but given all the CGI in these episode it did look pretty shame the writing was not up to the same standard. Though it is the best STD episode to date.
The one saving grace from this episode was the performance of Anson Mount he did a really good job.

Star Trek: Short Trek Review

With Netflix dropping the Short Trek on the 17th, I sat down to watch them hoping there are not as bad as the reviews I have seen of them say they are.

Here are my review for each one in the order they where originally realised on CBSAA.

Warning there will be Spoiler’s


This episode follow Tilly and an Alien encounter during while she is off duty. As the ship is quite is looks to take place during the night.
The episode open with Tilly having an argument with her mother that she is doing nothing with her life, even though Tilly is no longer a cadet and is an Ensign and has entered the Command program. With this Tilly heads off to the Mess to get something to Eat.
The next scene show Discovery taking a delivery of supply and the hanger deck staff told to leave so the hanger can be decontaminated. Just after the crew has left a cargo container opens and a hand come out and cuts itself on the door, leaving an luminous Orange Blood on the deck.
Back in the Mess hall we see Tilly siting there eating when she hear a nose and goes to investigate. Some Alien blood drops onto her shoulder and Tilly looks up to see the an Alien female on the roof and drops down onto her. The pair fight but Tilly is able to talk to the Alien and take her back to her quarters.
Tilly Learn that the Alien is wanted and she has runaway. She also learn that Alien has worked in Mines and has come up with a new thing for the dilthum crystals that make them work better in a warp engine. Tilly also learn that the Alien is linked to her Planet or calls it her Twin and that she is royalty and next in line for the throne and the reason she is wanted is that her people want her back so that she can coronate to be queen.
Tilly talks her to going back and beams her off the ship.

What can I say about this, there are so many issue with it.
Frist this story dose not work with a member of Starfleet or even on-board a Starship. For someone that is going to the Command Program Tilly should have know to call Security for an Intruder as soon as she saw the alien. Next after finding out that the alien is wanted and is royalty she should have contact the bridge and informed them.
The Final issue is at the end with Tilly Beaming the Alien off the ship. There was nothing close to the ship for Tilly to beam her too. Remember she came in cargo container, so does not have a ship close by. Also with Tilly using the Transporter someone of the bridge would have got notice that the Transporter was being used without Authorisation.
All in all, this was not a very good episode and did not even lead to a bit or growth of the Tilly Character.


Calypso is set 1000 years into the future of STD making it some time in 3250’s. The USS Discovery has been abandoned by her crew a thousand years ago and the ship given orders to remain in place until otherwise told too.
An Escape-pod floats into range of Discovery with life support failing. Discovery brings it aboard and heals the sole Human aboard. However it is unable to repair the escape pod. The Human wakes to find that Discovery is empty and due it being on it own for 100 years has grown and become self-aware. As the Human is unable to leave the ship he stays. (there is only one Warp capable shuttle aboard Discovery but it was never tested.)
He spent quite a bit of time aboard the ship and Discovery AI start to fall in love with him.
Discovery AI realised that she can’t keep him on board and get the last Shuttle ready to send him home. (His homeworld is just in it range though, it likely it will be out of power as it get there.) The Man leaves and Discovery stays on post waiting for Starfleet to come and get her.

This was not a bad episode, however it does not belong in Trek and would work much better on it own.
The problems that come with this episode is Trek Cannon, we know even in Janeway time a ship is unable to function on it own and its systems would start to brake down if there is no crew aboard to keep them maintained. Also how far out of the Federation was Discovery when the crew left her. We know that the Federation Jumped in size between Kirk time and the last we saw of the Federation in DS9. (I would say that the Federation was about 50% in the Alpha Quadrant and 20% in the Beta at the end of DS9. It is highly unlikely that the Discovery would have gone beyond what was the Federation board was in a DS9 era. This would mean that during the increase between TOS era and DS9 the Discovery would have been found by Starfleet.)
As I said if this was it own sci-fi story it would actually be good. But being a Trek Story it realy does not work.

The Brightest Star

This Short Trek tell the story of how Saru played by Doug Jones came to be the only member of his spices to leave his home world and join Starfleet.
From the information given in season one of STD, I got the impression that Kelpien
home world was a very dangers place to live with the Kelpiens being the most intelligent spices on the planet, they where not the top of the food chain. However this Short Trek paints a very different story.
It is shown that the Kelpien worship an Alien monolith that times takes sacrifice off to who knows where. Saru father is the head priest and leader of the village they live in.
It also made quite clear that the Kelpiens are a pre warp planet and from what they have shown it look like the Kelpiens are pre-industrial as well as they still live in huts made from sticks and grass.
A peace of the Alien monolith fall off and Saru being it to his father who tell him to get rid of it. Instead of following his father Orders Saru is able to create a subspace communicator and he is able to talk to someone of world.
The Alien tells Saru that they are coming for him. It turn out to be a young Philippa Georgiou who is only a Lieutenant. She inform Saru that she had to persuade Starfleet to let her come and get him and that if he goes with her he can never return home. Saru then goes off with Philippa Georgiou.

I have some many issues with this Episode. Okay I can deal with the Alien monolith and the Kelpiens worshiping it, but Georgiou mention the name of the alien race that put it there and Starfleet are aware that this alien race is interfering with a pre warp society and not doing a thing about it.
The next issue is Kelpiens race is pre-industrial. So how is Saru able to build a subspace communicator out of the peace of the Monolith that fell off. That like giving a Caveman a Smart phone and after a short time without being shown how to use it is able to read what on the screen and make a phone call while looking at the internet. Yeah that just would not happen.
The final issue is that Georgiou knows that the Kelpien are pre warp society yet still communicates with Saru and convinces Starfleet to go and get him. On top of that ship land the shuttle just outside of Saru village and when she leaves she in plan site of the village that if anyone outside would have seen it and not just Saru sister.

The Escape Artist.

With this Short Trek, I found it to be the only one that could actually be a Star Trek Story or short. However in the last moments of the episode it falls back on just ignoring Trek Cannon like the rest of Discovery.
This story follows Harry Mudd, he has been captures sold to a bounty hunter who is taking him back to the Federation as he is wanted by them. During the Story Mudd is trying to talk the bounty hunter out of taking him back. This is cut with insertion of how Mudd has escaped in the past when been captured. Mudd is not able to talk himself free and taking aboard a Starfleet ship. The Bounty Hunter ask for his payment but is told that he will not get it as this is not the real Harry Mudd and is in fact an Android with Harry Mudd skin cloned on top. The Office then open a store room to revile that it full of these Android clones of Mudd. In rage the bounty hunter rips of the arm of the Mudd he has brought with him.
It is reaviled that the person that sold the Bounty Hunter “Mudd” is actually the real Mudd and his ship is full of these Android Clone things and he still selling them to bounty hunters.

This story started off very well and even felt like a story for the Harry Mudd from TOS. It only has one small issue and one major one. The Small issue is part of the crimes that Mudd is wanted for is related to event in Discovery Season one episode Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad. These crimes are hiding in a space whale and killing member of the Discovery crew multiple time due to the time resets. If these a such major crimes and the Federation and are going to put a bounty out so he can answer to these crimes, why the hell did Discovery Crew let him go?
The other Major issues is with the revile that Mudd is an Android with a clone skin on-top. Yes I know Androids have appeared in TOS, but they where of alien origin or basic when compared to Data. These Androids appear to be far more advance and can pass for human. If Human skin could be put onto an android so easily, Data would have done this himself, as it would bring him closer to being Human which is what he wishes for. So once again Discovery writers have just thrown Cannon out the windows.
This was a shame as this story was doing so well right up to that moment and then I just got pulled right out of it.

The Dukes of Hazzards: General Lee

The Second in the series of “The Car The Star”.
Here we have the General Lee from The Dukes Of Hazzard. I love this show when I was a kids along with Knight Rider and A-Team.
I was not a fan of the film they did a few years ago, but it was still enjoyable.

Megara in Hades

Happy New Year!
First picture of 2019!!
I used a photo by the lovely la-esmeraldaƒ, which can be seen here.

I had a lot of fun with this one, However I was having all sort of issue when doing the dress, as gapes would appear in section when saving, so I would have to go back and redo whole section’s.
While the original photo had a great background, I wanted to do something different and put in a Greek ruin with a stormy sky.
I add some grass as well though I doubt that there would be any in Hades, but going with a stony/ dirt ground was not really working.