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Star Trek: The Original Series, Shuttle Craft. Part 1

I started work on this towards the end of the Build of my Star Trek: The Original Series Enterprise.
I did not do much as I wanted to get that fine lady done and create some pictures with her.
With that done I could turn my attention back to really getting to work on the Shuttle.

I started out wanting to make the shuttle a bit more streamlined as the original is very boxy. But at the same time make sure that it looks like it has come from TOS.
I started of with the nacelles, the original nacelles don’t have a lot details on them except for some vents on the side and a forward landing gear. I don’t think the shuttle was every warp capable in the TV show, which made no sense to me. Why have Warp Nacelles and an impulse engine if it can’t go to Warp. So what I have done is leave out the forward landing gear as the Nacelles are not tapered like on the Enterprise. This can be used to land on like we see with all Starfleet shuttles from the Motion Picture onwards. I plan to add some landing pads to the outside so the nacelles are not damaged during landings.
I add all the details that can be found on the Nacelles of the Enterprise, including a blue glow.
I see the shuttle Max Warp speed being around Warp 1.5. (fast enough to get the shuttle across an entire Star System in less than a day.)

Below is a picture of the Nacelles and broken up into its parts.

With that done I have now moved onto the main body of the shuttle.
I tired to streamline but after about 20 different version I could not find anything that I liked.
So I have gone back to the original design and rounded out the edges a bit so they are not as sharp as the original.
I have also widen out the rear of the shuttle. The thinking behind this, is that on the original blueprints and what was show on the show, there was nowhere for fuel tanks and the likes. So I have made room for all of these bits that you don’t see but need to have a working shuttle.

I am now going to start work on the “Wings” that attach the Nacelles to the shuttle.
Once that done, I will work on the back end of the shuttle to reshape her a little, then we can really start of the details.

Entering Orbit

This will be the last Picture I will be using my TOS Enterprise for a while.
I plan to build my own version of the TOS shuttle and also get back to doing some painting.

Another Star Trek TOS Poster

I don’t think this picture work as well as the last one.
I was going for another poster look, but I think it more of one of those early 90’s pulp novel covers.

Star Trek TOS Insignia Poster

Just a playing around with an idea for a poster.
I really like the way this turned out and I might have to do one for each of the different Cannon Trek Series.
As I don’t have any decent models of the other ships, it might be awhile until I do more in this style until I get them built.

The Enterprise was modelled in Blender and all post work done in Photoshop CS6

USS Enterprise NCC 1701. No bloody A-B-C-D or E!

[Scotty walks up to the holodeck and activates it]
Computer Voice: Please enter program.

Scotty: The android at the bar said you could show me my old ship. Let me see it.

Computer Voice: Insufficient data. Please specify parameters.

Scotty: [frustrated] The Enterprise. Show me the Enterprise, you chatterin’ piece of…

Computer Voice: There have been nine Federation ships with that name. Seven in the Cannon Timeline, Two in the Kelvin Timeline and one in STD Timeline. Please specify by registry number and Timeline.

Scotty: N-C-C-1-7-0-1. No bloody A – B – C – D or E! No Bloody Kelvin or STD Timelines!!

The Enterprise modelled and render in Blender 2.79a

USS Enterprise NCC – 1701 Orthros picture

I have not touched Blender for some time and was getting the itch to do some modelling, I though it was time to do something I never done before.
I have never built the Original Enterprise from Star Trek and though it about time.
Eric Reinholt better know as Scifieric on a number of Sci-fi forums has done a great Tutorial Serise on how to build this ship for beginner to Blender. He also give a great bit of history on the original shooting models for the show with each part of the tutorial.
As it been so long since I did anything in Blender and forgotten a few thing, I though this would be a great way to refresh my memory.

If you are intreated in building this great ship and don’t know how or even if you are new to Blender, you can follow Eric’s Tutorial here.

Blender is an open source and free to use 3d application. If your interested in doing Eric Tutorial and don’t have the software you can download it form here.

After finishing following Eric Tutorial, here is a quick a simple Orthros Picture of my build.
I used Alan Sinclair Orthros from his Blue Prints for the Enterprise and replaced his drawing with Renders of my Model. As I have used Alan Work to cerate this picture I have added his credit onto it, along with my own.

More Pictures of this great ship will follow soon with more Builds from Blender.