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Star Trek: The Original Series, Shuttle Craft. Part 6

I have made and simple interior for the shuttle. I put the pilots and Co-pilots position a little higher than the rest of the shuttle. This is so they can see out the cockpit windows.
As you can see from the picture below, with Kirk and Spock sitting in the flight chairs they are unable to see directly out the windows. which seem a bit pointless of having windows if your pilots can’t see out of them.

I have also put in passenger chairs as well. I did try a standard of two by two layout, but that left no room to go up the middle.
Below are pictures of the interior and with lights added. I put red lights up front to make it a little different but this can be changed to white.

Here is a lighting test to see what it would look like with the rest of the shuttle in place.
as you can see form the picture due to the glass setting I have you can’t really see with in. I am not sure if I am going to change this at the moment.
If I don’t it will save me having the interior and just leave the lights, which will save on render times.

Below is a picture of a handles added to the roof of the shuttle.
I did this to add a bit more detail and also for someone to hold onto when they come out of the escape hatch/ airlock on the top of the shuttle.

With that done, it now onto adding proper materials and texturing her.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Shuttle Craft. Part 5

I think the modelling is now done on the outside.
Not sure if I am going to keep the Escape hatch/ airlock. If I do it means I going to have to add panels.

Onto doing the interior and then the Texturing and after that I can call this done and start making some pictures.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Shuttle Craft. Part 4

Spent most of this week working on the landing gear. I was not planning to have one and just use the nacelles as landing pads. But the shuttle was looking a little bare.
I modelled the landing gear after the one found on the back of the original shuttle and stuck four of them under it make sure that there was room for it to fit in. I did try rigging it so that all the parts could move and be used in animation. But after a few days of trying to figure it all out I gave up for now. (I haven’t done rigging before so was learning as I went along. In the past I just moved the part while doing the animation but for a landing gear its is a little more complicated than that to do and rigging it would work better.)
Reason for this that I don’t actually plan to do any animation with this model.

I then placed the decals with the ship name and reg on, this is all modelled. At present the shuttle only has material applied and no textures. I plan to do that all after finishing the modelling. I have also started to add details below the impulse engines, but there is still much to do.
Ignore the loop things at the bottom, it was an idea I had but have decided to drop it as it not working.

The rest of the shuttle is still looking a little bit bare and I am thinking of panelling it.

Anyway onto the Pictures.

First up is a look at the landing gear.

Next is the landing gear on the ship and the rear details.

A better look at the decals.

Under the shuttle with the landing gear closed.

Things I plan to add to the shuttle:
1. Escape hatch/ Airlock on top of the shuttle.
2. Shuttle Warp Core ejection hatch.
3. Navigation lights
4. interior
5. panelling?

Star Trek: The Original Series, Shuttle Craft. Part 3

Another small update.
The one thing that always bugged me about the TOS Shuttle was that there was no windows on the side of it. You can only see forward and what not at the side of the shuttle. So for my version I given the pilot and co-pilot a better field of view. You don’t have that great a view of the side of the shuttle but it better than it was before.

I have also added a glow to the vents of the nacelle that are facing outwards.
I have also built the impulse engines on the rear of the shuttle.

I plan next to start adding all the little details. It also looking like I am going to have to build an interior. For the landing gear, I am not going to go with landing legs coming out the nacelles and the rear of the shuttle. I am think of having four legs that comes out the bottom of the shuttle as their is room for it.

The Italian Job

Another picture for “The Car the Star” Collection.
I was going to do a details picture for this one, but I currently have a bad back and can’t sit down for too long.
So, I tried a different style for this picture, not sure if it worked.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Shuttle Craft. Part 2

Small update on my TOS Shuttle. Got the doors for the shuttle model out and installed.
Unlike the original model, I have put them on both sides of the shuttle. Reason for this is that you want more than one way to get out. The Reason the original did not have them on both side is that it was only filmed on one side, so to cut cost down they did not put one on the other side.

I have also built the pylons for the nacelles. I was playing around with the idea of winglets that came out of the pylons for atmospheric flight. But have not found anything that would work.

Next I plan to do the impulse engines.