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Building all the Enterprises, Part 3

I have added the details to the B/C deck.
Not to sure on the lounge windows. They don’t seem to be the right shape, and I have rebuilt them about four times. I think this is the close to what was actually used.

Next I am going to start work on the lower side of the saucer.

Building all the Enterprises, Part 2

So with just doing the roughing out of the top of the saucer, I was not happy with the bridge was and it was bugging me to hell.
I was just going to rough out the basic shape, but I got into the grove and just went out and detailed it.
I plan to detail the B/C Deck and then get back to roughing out the rest of the ship.

With that said, he is the updated version of the bridge.

Building all the Enterprises

With having built the Enterprise for Star Trek TOS and the shuttle. I still got that modelling itch that needs to be scratched, so I have decide while I have it why build each version of the Enterprise from Star Trek. However for the Enterprise A I won’t do another Refit Connie, I’ll just redo the Textures and the Reg.
Each Ship will be to scale.

With that said, onto the next Build and I am starting of with the Refitted Enterprise.
I am using the plans by Monte R. Johnjulio Enterprise. These are not to bad, though I have found while getting the impulse engines to match from a top and side view, when on a rear it out quite a bit, after resizing the picture to get it to fit it will knock something else out. So unless someone knows of better plans these will have to do

I made the saucer the B/C Deck and the roughed out the bridge.
I lost count how many times it took to get it to were it is now. I am happy with the front end it the rear I am not happy with. I can’t seem to get the shape right, but I will keep at it.
With that said, I am extremally happy with the way the B/C deck turn out, I just need to sort out the area for the large windows at the back.

The Immunity Syndrome

The Immunity Syndrome has to be one of the most iconic Star Trek TOS episodes.
I just had to make a few pictures with my shuttle and Enterprise.

Star Trek TOS Type 6 Shuttle Insignia Poster

I just had to do the insignia poster with TOS Type 6 Shuttle

To Seek Out…

With my Type 6 TOS shuttle finished.
Here is the first Picture with her.

Star Trek: The Original Series Type 6 Shuttle

Here is my latest build in blender, the Type 6 shuttlecraft from TOS of Star Trek.
While not an complete copy of it, I have taken some artistic licence with it. However the shuttle is still with in the same dimension as the one depicted on screen.