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Morning Coffee

It been awhile since I done a painting and I wanted to do one before the year is out.

Star Trek Type 6 Shuttle Insigna Poster

I am going to keep this up for each Star Trek build I do.
Once I have built all the Shuttle from TNG, I will do another one with all three flying out of the delta.

Should I also build the building the Runabout to go with the shuttle as it also appearing in an episode of TNG and it to the three shuttle flying out of the delta?

Anyway for the time being, I not going to start another 3D project, as it been a few months since I draw a Pin-up pic and I am itching to doing one.

Star Trek, Type 6 Shuttle Beauty Shot

just a quick pic of the Type 6 Shuttle from Star Trek: The Next Generations.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Type 6 Shuttle

Here is the orthros for The Next Generation Type 6 Shuttle.
Like the Type 6 I have not added any Texture to this model and it all materials.

I am going to do a few beauty pictures with her before getting back to my refit Enterprise build.

Star Trek The Next Generation’s Type 6 Shuttle. Part 3

Finally I have finished building the Type 6 shuttle. This took a little longer than I was planning but it is done.
while not on the original model I have add a couple of RCS thruster to the top and bottom. (there should be some there which is why I have put them in.)
I have also modelling a very basic interior, again I don’t plan on getting to close to see inside.

I have also done a lighting test to see what it would like in the darkness of space.
Finally I have also done a Render of all the shuttle I have built so far. I have not include my Type 11 which I built a few years ago as that need to be redone.

Will be doing an Orthos sheet like I have done with the other and also making a few beauty picture before moving onto another shuttle.
I think I will build the Type 7 next, though depending on how much feather I get with the TMP Enterprise I might do the TMP Type 5 shuttle.

Star Trek The Next Generation’s Type 6 Shuttle. WIP Part 2

More work on the Type 6 Shuttle.

I have cut in the windows and panels onto the side of the ship. Modelled the rear door and the impulse engines.
I have also put in the side RCS thrusters. Still need to add some to the top and bottom, though I am not sure the shuttle built for the hanger bay set and the model used in the show actually had them.

I have also added some simple materials for now and plan to do some proper ones. I also checked to make sure that scale on this is right.
With the scale given I found a few issues, which have been corrected, however this dose mean that my shuttle is a little longer and not as wide. I’ll post the dimensions when I do the orthros.

I have also include a render of the Type 15 to show the scale different between the two.

All that is now left apart from what I have mentioned is the bottom of the shuttle and the pylons connecting the nacelles.
I also need to add the shuttle name and reg, like the type 15 I plan to model this out so saving on having to do textures.
I also need to do a simple interior to be seen though the windows.

Building all the Enterprises, Part 10

Just a small update.
I have spent the last two days working on the rear of the secondary hull. I got most of the shape down pretty quickly.
The biggest issue I had was with the “nibble” thing that sits at the back above the clamshell door of the hanger.
The shaping of that was a pain to get right, it still not right at the moment but it close to how it meant to be.
I was banging my head trying to get it right, I tired also sorts of thing but it was just not working. In the end I had to individual move each vert into place.
As I said it closer to how it should look but it still not right and driving me a little crazy so I am going to move on and work on the front half of the secondary hull.

I will also be updating my progress on the Type 6 Shuttle soon, I just need to do a few more details to the rear before I post the next update on that.