Freaking out about Sci-fi & Moives

Finished Models

Discovery Corridor

Back into the 3D grove and here is a nice quick picture of the corridor on the Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
I made a few changes to make it my own like the ladder design on the floor and adding Hal 9000 next to the door.

But it good doing 3D again.


Star Trek, Workbee, Arm Pod, Part 4

Here is the Workbee with the Arm Pods textured.
I have gone for a dirtier look for this. Reason being it that it would get cover in crap for the work it does.
The Wrokbee would also get cover in crap but it would be cleaned up, while the arms would not be cleaned as often.

WorkBee Arm Test 4

WorkBee Arm Test 4A

WorkBee Arm Test 4c

I am now looking for some good references of the cargo containers used in Trek. Though I most likely go with my own design.

Star Trek, Workbee Part 7, Internal Modelling

The interior is now textured.
I am not happy with the texture with the seat but that won’t really be seen, but if I find something better, I will change it.
I put in there to give more of a comfort feel to it.

WorkBee Test 07 interia

Interior Textured

WorkBee Test 07b interia

WorkBee Test 07a interia

Will be making some pic with it shortly.

A Game of Cat and Mouse

Last month I posted that I was having issue with this picture.

Last weekend I went down to my father-in-law and installed Blender onto his machine and loaded up the file.
After spending five minutes pointing all the textures to the right files I was able to render out the picture in full HD with no issues. So as I suspected it is a memory issue.

The Type – 11 shuttle was designed by John Eaves for Star Trek Insurrection.
Out of the all the shuttle that has been done for the TNG and post era of Star Trek Insurrection, this has to be my favourite.

As I am still working on have the Akria Class finished off. I though it would be a good idea to do a picture that be added to the asteroid collection I did last year.
I wanted to add another ship to the scene. I checked out Star Trek Blender and found a decent Klingon on BOP.

The Klingon Bird of Pray is by William Burningham, and everything else is by me. All modelled textured and Composted in Blender. Text added in Photoshop.

I am quite happy with the way this one came out.

If you are interested in seeing how the asteroids where done you can check out the Blender Tutorial on Blender Guru.

Here is the finished picture.

And here it is with a close up on the shuttle.

Low Memory = Unable to render in Full HD.

A few weeks ago I finished the Type – 11 shuttle, I mentioned that I would do a picture of her to go into my asteroid collection that I did last year.
I got the scene all set up and can render it out in full HD with no issue.
However once I have added all the composting to finish off the picture it starts to crash and I get kicked out the program. But if I have everything set up at 50% of full HD, the picture renders out with no issue.

The only thing I can think that is causing the issue is lack of RAM.
The machine I have at work only has 250MB and can’t even render it out in full HD.
While my home machine, only has 3GB. This points to it being a memory issue, the only to know for sure is to render it out on a machine with higher memory.
My father-in-law has a machine with 12GB, so I have to test it out on his machine to be sure.

Until I can post up, the final finished peace. Here is a full HD version of the picture with no texture applied and the 50% HD picture with the composting completed.
Everything is by me except for the Klingon Bird of Pray by William Burningham.

Warp Speed.

Here is a quick Picture of the Type-11 shuttle travelling at Warp.
This picture is a Freak Ark Exclucive.
Everything was done in done in Blender.
sig and date was added in Photoshop.


On Guard

Here is a picture of a group of Vulture Droids on Guard.
They are sitting on top of a Trade Federation Command Ship, with a wing on Patrol.
Once again the Vulture Droids was modelled in LeoCad and textured in Blender.
Only part of the Trade Federation Command ship was modelled and textured in Blender.