Freaking out about Sci-fi & Moives

Gallery 2007 – 2015

Click on the Pictures to get full size.


June Girl

06 June Girl

Captain Picard

Harley and Ivy Test

Harley 1

Red 1

April Girl 03

05 May Girl Colours

Drawing a day 2 finished

April Girl Pixie

04 April Girl Colours

March Gril

03 March Gril Colours
Kirk 6


Feb Girl

02 Feb Girl Colours

Jan Gril

01 Jan Gril Colours

inking Finished

Team Pic

Vernon 6

Elisaberth 05



the-wolverine-poster-sword 7.1

Sisko 6 finished

Richie 8

Ali 7

Lee team pic

Lee That Yellow Bastard

David 8a

Rob Temp

Pixie Leopard Bra Test 10 finished

Workbee Beauty shoot

Miss Emily Rose Harris Finished

Jenson Button Finished 1


The Matrix Trinty Coding final

The Matrix Trinty Coding

Wovlerine Inking finished





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