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Dita Von Teese Black and White

I have always been fascinated with Dita Von Teese and her Style.
I guess it come from the fact when woman looked elegant in a bye gone era. That’s not to say that woman today are not today.
But I prefer a woman that look classy over a woman that will go down the shops in their oneise or just look chavi when out and about.
I am sure Dita likes to lay about the house in a track suit or Onsise, but when she goes out, she make the effort to look good.

Anyway this is a simple Black and White picture of Dita Von Tesse, I had a lot of fun doing this one and I am thinking of going back and doing this one in colour.


Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

I had fun doing this one.
I did it as I wanted to see if I could do a bubble bath, not sure if good look like one.
But for a first attempt I am happy with this.

Pink: Pin-Up Girl

I have fun doing this one though I think the background could be done better.

Abigale Snow

Here is a paint of AbigaleSnow
The original photo was taken by darkmatterzone you can see the original photo here.
I really enjoyed this one.


Here is a picture of Spider-Gwen.
I have only read the first issue of this book from Marvel.
But it set in an alternate universe from the prime Marvel stories. In this book it is Gwen Stacy that it bitten by the spider that gave Peter Parker his powers.
Peter Parker becomes the Lizard and is killed which send Gwen off to be this world Spider-Woman.
Everyone plays a different role to their Main Line counterparts like Matt Murdock is this worlds King-Pin.

I had a lot doing this one. I tired to do some thing different with the hair ends but not sure if it worked.

Ready Player One Trailer

Been awhile since I posted a trailer for a film.
Anyway here is the trailer for Ready Player One.
I have been look forward to this ever since the film was announced, love the freaking book.
If you have not ready it and grow up in the 80’s what are you waiting for go and read it before the film come out!!

Daphne and Velma Pride

It’s pride month here in the UK, to make the occasion I though I do a picture.
For years it was thought that Velma from Scooby-doo was a lesbian and no doubt that there will be hundred of fan fiction on this.
so for this Picture I have done the leading ladies of Scooby-Doo as being in a relationship.