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Concept Fighter WIP Part 3

Some idea for the wings for this.
Not to sure on this one.

I think this lay out work much better but I am thinking of turning the wing round so they face forward.

I also started to on a weapon system for this fighter.
I have been playing Batman Arkham knight and the Canon on the Batmobile was the inspiration for this.

And here it is on the fighter.


Concept Fighter WIP Part 2

Here is attempt two on this fighter, this time round I have just worked on the body.
I am much happier with the way it looks this time round.
Added in a few details, but before I go any feather there are a few areas that need to clean up and I also need to come up with the wing shape.

Star Trek Federation Fighter, Part 3

I have started to add details to the back of the fighter.
Modelled out the Impluse engines, I have to say that I have very happy with the way the grill came out. Took me a few attempts to get it right.
Add a hatch to the back, This will most likely be used for trops to be load and not for the pilot to get in and out. For that I am thinking that the cockpit windows moves up and forward. I have also started work on the deflector dish.

Here where she stand at the moment.

Star Trek Federation Fighter, Part 2

It was mentioned over on Sci-fi meshes that the fighter is looking “cute” and that it needs it’s lines to be sharpened.

So I have taken that onboard and remodelled part of the meshes to get rid of the “cuteness” and give it some sharper lines. This mainly around the top of the hull as it had a curve. This has been flattened out. I also played around with the cockpit windows. This I copied from the Edison Class, but I not sure about it. So here it with both version of the cockpit.

Before I had done this work I had added twin Micro Torpedo launcher on each side of the shuttle, A Warp core ejection hatch on top of the shuttle a set of twin Pulse Phaser Cannons. I have also added the Ramscoops. These are the areas in green just to show it off as they are not seen when clay rendered.
I did not like the ones on the Edison Class, so went with more of a horned look. This would so it would also give the fighter a more aggressive look.
So here it is with these add on’s with out the sharpened lines.

Star Trek Federation Fighter

With the Akria getting closer to being finished I though it was now time to start thinking about building a fighter craft that would go with her.
The only Federation fighters we have seen have been the reuse of the trainer craft from a TNG episode and the Marquis ships. As I don’t want a stock ship, I started to look at different ship designs, Trek and non-Trek.
I came across Ryan Dening, Edison Class shuttle/fighter that he did during the early days of Star Trek On-line.

I like the idea behind Ryan’s design but it looks a little small. I worked it out at being roughly 4 meters long. As this is a little smaller than I would like I am using his design as a spring board for my own design. My fighter is double the size coming in at just over 8 meters.
It will also be a one man fighter. At the moment it just at the shaping out stage so there will be changes to it and fleshed out a bit.

This is where it stands at the moment.

Here is a size comparison with my Type-11 Shuttle with no textures just the materials.
It was also a test for how the materials will look on the fighter.