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Santa Gift

I started this back in November, as I wanted it to be ready in time of the holidays.
With this picture I tired a few new techniques and I am happy with the way it has turned out.
I also got a few new brushes that I think really help improve the picture.

with that, have a great Holiday and a Happy New Year!


67 Shelby Mustang GT 500 with Body Kit AKA Eleanor

Here is a quick outline of one of my favourite cars of all time.
The 67 Shelby Mustang GT-500 with body kit. It is best know as “Eleanor” from the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds staring Nicolas Cage.

A Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak Peak of something that I am currently working.

Strap Falling

Been awhile since I last did a Black and white Picture.
Tried a few new things and I am happy with the way this has turned out.

Stirling Class W.I.P part 8

Started work on the Nacelles, I must have built about six different version and was not happy with any of them.
I finally settled on a design I am happy with, but I think it is lacking a bit of details.
These a another version that it a little different and I am not sure which one to go wit.
I have also add a some martials to it but these are just temporary before I actually get down and start Texturing the whole ship.

The second version.

I am getting the itch to go back to doing painting so I am thinking about tacking a break from this so I can some ideas where to work next on the ship.

Stirling Class W.I.P part 7

Not a lot done on the ship this week. Two reason for this. 1st I was trying to cut panel lines into the primary and secondary hull, but I could not get them all to be same width when cutting them in and felt like banging my head against a wall.
2nd reason was due to the 1st I was starting to loose my Mojo on this. Luckily I just looked at the Builds Madkoifish does and I get it back again.

So for the time being I have given up on the panel until I can figure out how to get the cuts all to be the same size.
So what I been doing, Well I have cut in the windows into the secondary hull and started work on the rear strut that the nacelle pylon attach too and the Nacelle pylons.
I have put in an extra set of torpedoed tube and more phaser strips as this area was lacking coverage for the Phasers.
Add in some details and cut some vents into the pylons. Just need to cut in the panels now.

I will next be moving onto Nacelles.

I have just notice that I have forgot to put in the RCS into the secondary hull so that also needs to be some. I won’t be putting them into the section that I have just done as I will be adding them into the Nacelles.

Stirling Class W.I.P part 6

I been scratching my head on what to do with the underside of the saucer, as I need to add in some windows. So while I have been thinking about that I have moved onto the secondary hull.
I have added the main tracker beam emitter at the font bottom of it. It’s the same on found on the Akira Class. I have also modelled the warp core ejection hatch and another ejection hatch right next to it. (what that will be ejecting I have idea but not going to state just yet as it’s an idea I am playing around with.)
Rear torpedo launcher have been put in and an airlock has also been added. The airlock needs to be detailed up so no close up picture on that just that.
I have also cut in the hanger again this needs to be detailed up.

Lastly, when putting in the lifeboat hatch’s I had created I was not liking the looks of it. So I have remodelled these to look closer to what has been seen in Cannon.
This has also meant that I have replaced the ones on the top of the saucer and I need to add some to the bottom. (they are also smaller than the last ones so this mean that I have had to add a few more.) I have kept the old lifeboats on the spin for the time being but might change them later.

With adding the new lifeboat hatch’s to the secondary hull I finally figured out how get a “Hard Meshes” to go onto curved surface. With this it meant that I had to clean-up the top half of the secondary hull. This was because it was causing deformity with the lifeboats.
So with that I am going to have to go back and re-add the Phaser to the saucer using this process as it fixes the issue I was having when I first put them in.