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Holly Willoughby Commission Peace

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had all had a good Christmas holiday and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you had a good New Year.

Just before the holiday I was asked to do a peace on British TV host Holly Willoughby who is know for doing This Morning and Celebrity Juice.
the client asked for a “naughty” picture which I had done but I have also a PG friendly version.
I had a lot of fun doing this I am happy with the way the water for the pool behind her came out, but still not quite the way I wanted it.
Also think the eyebrows could be a little dark but all in all I am happy with this.

So here is the nice Version.

And here is the Naughty Version


Jane Bond, Gun Barrel

I made a few changes to the last picture I uploaded. (The Names Bond, Jane Bond.)
For this peace, I changed the shade of her hair from a light ginger colour to red, this was done to show more of her Scottish ancestry.
I also added a skirt and the gun barrel found in the opening credits of the James Bond films

The Name Bond, Jane Bond

Bit of a Gender-bender peace. With Daniel Craig doing his last Bond film, the rumour mill is going nuts as always with who will be the next James’s Bond.
With some of the name being throw into the hat, I do not any issue with them even if it turn out that Idris Elba is picked. In this day and age a black man can be Scottish. (I’m mixed races and Scottish, though I think of myself as British then English or Scottish. *** My Dad is Anglo-Indian and my Mother is Scottish and I have spent 95% of my life living in England.***)

However people are now saying the next Bond should be a Woman, and this is where I draw the line. I got nothing agents a woman playing a spy and there are a fair number of them out there in the real world.
But if you make Bond a woman you lose a large part of the Character’s, Character. After all at hart Bond is an Alcoholic Gambling Womaniser. You really can’t translate that into a woman and if you do then she is consider a Slut. Yeah Bond is a Character from the 60’s cold war era, but even though Craig version has been modernized he still retains those three characteristics.

Anyway onto the art.

Dita Von Teese Black and White

I have always been fascinated with Dita Von Teese and her Style.
I guess it come from the fact when woman looked elegant in a bye gone era. That’s not to say that woman today are not today.
But I prefer a woman that look classy over a woman that will go down the shops in their oneise or just look chavi when out and about.
I am sure Dita likes to lay about the house in a track suit or Onsise, but when she goes out, she make the effort to look good.

Anyway this is a simple Black and White picture of Dita Von Tesse, I had a lot of fun doing this one and I am thinking of going back and doing this one in colour.

Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

I had fun doing this one.
I did it as I wanted to see if I could do a bubble bath, not sure if good look like one.
But for a first attempt I am happy with this.

Pink: Pin-Up Girl

I have fun doing this one though I think the background could be done better.

Abigale Snow

Here is a paint of AbigaleSnow
The original photo was taken by darkmatterzone you can see the original photo here.
I really enjoyed this one.