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Date Night

I had fun doing this but half way though I started to lose my Mojo.
I thinking of taking a break from doing pin-ups and scratch that 3d itch I had for awhile now.
Who know it might give back the mojo to do more Pin-ups.


I always like the look of the girl on a platform in old films.
so here is a 40’s style girl walking on a platform.
Here is the colour version.


And here is the Black and White version with the reds left in.


Frist pin-up of the year.

Happy New year to all.

I had started this peace towards the end of last year but I had to stop as I got my first paid commission job. Being paid it might my own projects had to move to the back burner while I worked on that. So while I wait for the client to get back to me on any revision they wanted done. I was able to get back to this.


Calendar Project, Painting Part 12

I have finally did it, a year behind scalded but it done.
Well the painting side of things. Here is the last painting for the Calendar Project.
I had a lot of fun with this, but getting the lace details on the corset was a pain.
Over all I have learnt a lot doing this project and it is a shame to say that the paint side in done.
But this project is not over yet, I still need to go back to each one and add each of the months and dates in.

11 November Girl Colours

Here is the Back Page.

Calander back page set up

Calendar Project, Painting Part 4.

As I have stated in my last post I have been very busy recently with real world crap. So I have been unable to do anything to post.

Anyway this morning my youngest got up at 04:30 this morning. She has gone into a deep sleep at 17:00 the day before, so there was no chance of her going back to bed. Given her age, someone has to stay up with her. My wife was knackered so I elected to get up. Got my child to play quietly so not to wake the rest of the house, this lead me to getting a chance to sit down a finished of April painting I had started a few months back.

With that I got it finished. I am happy this this one however hair is still giving me some issues.
I can do cartoon hair now but realistic looking hair is still a problem, but it is something I am working on.

Anyway here is the painting.

04 April Girl Colours

School Boy Dreams

Since I got back into 2d and started doing digital paintings, I have learnt a lot.
So I have decide to start on a new project that will put all these new skill to uses. As I still have a lot to learn, so this project will take a little longer. Reason for this is that as I learn new skill doing other painting, I will bring those new skill to be use in this painting.

I am calling this painting “School Boy Dreams”
You will understand why as the painting start to take forum.
The green background is just a place hold as I am using to get shapes and to show off what I have done so far.

This is what I have so far.

School Boy Dreams Test 1

Hello Boy’s Finished

This has to be the longest I have worked on a painting.
But then I have not worked on it constantly.

I am really happy with the way this one turned out.

Pixie Leopard Bra Test 10 finished

I will next be work on a portrait from Star Trek.