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Scratching that 3D itch!

It has been a long since I started a 3D modelling project and finished it. But lately I have been getting that itch to do some modelling, so to keep thing of I have decided to model some Trek Starships. I have just knocked out some basic shape to get a design I want to do.
I also grabbed a few model that I have on my Hard Drive and kitsbashed them for some ideas. Note these kitbash’s are only used for shape and not what the final design will look like.
Also the size of the ships have not yet been determined and all designs are from the TNG era.

With that onto the ideas, (click picture to get full size.)

Idea 1
With this ship I saw as medium size ship roughly the same size as Voyager, but I think the layout is to similar to Voyager so I might not peruse this design much feather.

Idea 2
I see this is being a replacement for the Nebula Class I have always love that design. The pods on the side are not Warp Nacelles, though they are built into them.
I see those side pods looking like a saucer cut into two with the warp engines built into the outer sides. so I might have them a bit wider than they currently are.
Also I might add another set of connection point onto the saucer itself so there is not some much strain on the main struts if the ship was to enter a planet atmosphere.
There could also be the option on having a pod on the back like the Nebula Class.

Idea 3
The first of the Kitbashes. Remember, the finally design will not look like the parts used, it only for rough shape.
This one remind me of The Constellation class but that because I have used the Warp Engine form that and has the same basic shape. The secondary hull’s are from Oberth class.
I see this ship being more in line with a science vessel. the secondary hull would be full of science labs that could be changed for mission specific tasks. In more then one Episode of The Next Generation different department kept asking for time with the main deflector. But as there in only one and one task could be performed at a time, each dependent was ration on how much time they could have with it. I see this ship having five. One for navigation on the main saucer at the front, then two on each of the secondary hull, this means that each department could have as much time needed to use it.

Idea 4
final Design idea for now, No idea on size but I am look at something a little bigger than a Nova Class. I think this would be a class that is assigned to the MACO (Military Assault Command Operations)/ Starfleet Marines. This would be a full military ship and would be used for Combat operations only for the Federation. The ship is designed to be fast and manoeuvrable. The shape sort of reminds me of a racing speed boat. This is the design I am leaning towards the most.

Which ever design I decided to go with or knock out a few more idea’s I will do a full back story on the ship.


Concept Fighter WIP Part 3

Some idea for the wings for this.
Not to sure on this one.

I think this lay out work much better but I am thinking of turning the wing round so they face forward.

I also started to on a weapon system for this fighter.
I have been playing Batman Arkham knight and the Canon on the Batmobile was the inspiration for this.

And here it is on the fighter.

Star Trek, Workbee, Cargo Attachment. Part 5.

Has it really been four months since I last worked on this?
Guess that what happens when you get lost with other projects.

On to the updates.
For the impulse engines module I wanted to have something that looks a little industrial. I knocked out a few ideas, but nothing was really working.
I think this was due to the fact that Federation stuff is not very industrial looking as all the working parts are hidden behind panels.

The only thing to survive these design ideas was the frame.
What I have now is more Federation looking. It also has a bit of a module look to it.
The idea behind this is that these things are work horses around Starbases and Dry-docks. They can’t be down for too long for repairs. So to keep them out doing there jobs the parts are able to be hot swappable. Taking no more than an hour to remove the part and replace it.

I have given this module large impulse engines as I see it not just working around single planet but system wide.
For shuttles the size of the Workbee it can take a few days to cross a system at full impulse. But for a star ship it only takes a few hours, so with these larger engine it would take just under a half a day to get from Earth to Pluto.
I can also see this module being used with Tugs, to help with some extra power.
(Tugs have never really been seen fully in Trek. Though you can see some blurry things acting as Tugs in the War episodes of DS9)

The one thing that I am not to happy with is the landing legs on the bottom. I think they could have been a little bigger.

Engine moduel angle

Engine moduel front

Engine moduel top

Engine moduel side

Engine moduel rear

Engine moduel bottom

everything together

Star Trek, Workbee, Cargo Attachment. Part 4

What started out as a small project has just increased in size.
I only expected this project to last a few weeks. Granted the primary project was done in a few weeks, but I went and decided to build a few attachments to go with it.

With working on a few non 3D projects this is taking longer than I would like to get done. But hay-ho, I am hoping to get this done before Christmas so I can put together the idea of a picture I had last Christmas.

Anyway with that said. More work done on the main body of the cargo attachment.
Except for a little work on the underside I think I am done.
I have modelled some more details and put in some power cores for the cargo container holders to work, add some navigation lights and the links for the Workbee / other cargo attachments to connect together.

I will next be working on impulse engines to move this thing around.

Cargo pod test 5

Cargo pod test 5a

Cargo pod test 5b

And here it is textured.

Cargo pod test 6

Cargo pod test 6a

Cargo pod test 6b

Star Trek, Workbee, Cargo Attachment. Part 3

Slow going with everything that is currently going on at work and home.
With that said I have managed to build some RCS thrusters. I decide to go old school with these. Reason being is that the attachment will never be far from a Starbase of Ship. As they also be used constantly they will wear out a lot fast then those used on a Starship or a shuttle, so having them open make it far easier to swap them out when they need to be replaced.

Cargo pod test 4

Cargo pod test 4a

Here are the parts Textured.

Cargo pod test 4b

Cargo pod test 4c

I am now moving on to building some navigation light that would sit on this and also the connection points that would be used for the Workbeek, impulse engines and extra cargo attachment to connect togther.

Star Trek, Workbee, Cargo Attachment. Part 2

After building the clamps and scrapping them and rebuilding them again and again.
I now finally have them where I am happy with them.
Here they are with no textures; you will notice that there are no pipes for the fluid that goes into the pistons. I modelled that after I had rendered this picture and forgot to re-render it with them.

Cargo pod clamps test 1

One of the biggest issues I have had in the past with models is that I did not add textures and materials as I went along. (This is why the Akria Class that I built still is not finished.) So this time I have done it. Here is a close up on the clamps with the textures and materials applied. I want to get a used look on the metal, but everything I have done is not working so I will have to come back to this.

Cargo pod clamps test 2

Here is a picture of the whole cargo attachment. I did not like the idea of just one clamp holding the containers in place so I have given it two.

Cargo pod clamps test 3

I also tried adding clamps to the bottom but it looking a bit too busy.
What do you guys think?

Cargo pod clamps test 3a

While I think that over I will be moving onto the RCS thrusters.

Star Trek, Workbee, Cargo Attachment.

Before stating work on the cargo attachment for the Workbee, I have built the cargo containers that I will be using.
They are simple and just a little smaller than a Workbee.

Cargo Contianer

I started to block out the shape from my version, but noticed that this is far larger than the one seen in the show and films. It also looks very different to what has come before.
With that I started to block out another version, this was closer to what has been seen. I started to knock up a connector for the Workbee to attach to the “train” but nothing was working.
I think this was due to my design going to far from the look that has been established.
With that I have scrapped both versions, and started again.

This time I am starting from the connection point. There is not much to show on that just yet, but here are the two failed version I did for the “train”.

Faild 1

Faild 2