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Scratching that 3D itch!

It has been a long since I started a 3D modelling project and finished it. But lately I have been getting that itch to do some modelling, so to keep thing of I have decided to model some Trek Starships. I have just knocked out some basic shape to get a design I want to do.
I also grabbed a few model that I have on my Hard Drive and kitsbashed them for some ideas. Note these kitbash’s are only used for shape and not what the final design will look like.
Also the size of the ships have not yet been determined and all designs are from the TNG era.

With that onto the ideas, (click picture to get full size.)

Idea 1
With this ship I saw as medium size ship roughly the same size as Voyager, but I think the layout is to similar to Voyager so I might not peruse this design much feather.

Idea 2
I see this is being a replacement for the Nebula Class I have always love that design. The pods on the side are not Warp Nacelles, though they are built into them.
I see those side pods looking like a saucer cut into two with the warp engines built into the outer sides. so I might have them a bit wider than they currently are.
Also I might add another set of connection point onto the saucer itself so there is not some much strain on the main struts if the ship was to enter a planet atmosphere.
There could also be the option on having a pod on the back like the Nebula Class.

Idea 3
The first of the Kitbashes. Remember, the finally design will not look like the parts used, it only for rough shape.
This one remind me of The Constellation class but that because I have used the Warp Engine form that and has the same basic shape. The secondary hull’s are from Oberth class.
I see this ship being more in line with a science vessel. the secondary hull would be full of science labs that could be changed for mission specific tasks. In more then one Episode of The Next Generation different department kept asking for time with the main deflector. But as there in only one and one task could be performed at a time, each dependent was ration on how much time they could have with it. I see this ship having five. One for navigation on the main saucer at the front, then two on each of the secondary hull, this means that each department could have as much time needed to use it.

Idea 4
final Design idea for now, No idea on size but I am look at something a little bigger than a Nova Class. I think this would be a class that is assigned to the MACO (Military Assault Command Operations)/ Starfleet Marines. This would be a full military ship and would be used for Combat operations only for the Federation. The ship is designed to be fast and manoeuvrable. The shape sort of reminds me of a racing speed boat. This is the design I am leaning towards the most.

Which ever design I decided to go with or knock out a few more idea’s I will do a full back story on the ship.


Sunstone Fan Art Marion

I love the Sunstone Comic by shiniez, if you not yet had a chance to read it check it out.
While looking for some inspiration I came across some cosplay picture of Marion (a small part character in Sunstone but while have a larger roll in Sunstone: Jasper) by Chiisai Chan. I just loved them and had to draw her.
I hope I have done her some justice with my skills.

Anyway for the most part I am happy with the way this has turned out, but fell it is missing something. I think it needs Alan in the background or Alison showing off her Rope skills.
So while this is a finished peace, it also a WIP.


A bit of nose art for the fighter I am currently building.

Concept Fighter WIP Part 3

Some idea for the wings for this.
Not to sure on this one.

I think this lay out work much better but I am thinking of turning the wing round so they face forward.

I also started to on a weapon system for this fighter.
I have been playing Batman Arkham knight and the Canon on the Batmobile was the inspiration for this.

And here it is on the fighter.

Concept Fighter WIP Part 2

Here is attempt two on this fighter, this time round I have just worked on the body.
I am much happier with the way it looks this time round.
Added in a few details, but before I go any feather there are a few areas that need to clean up and I also need to come up with the wing shape.

Concept Fighter WIP

I have started to build a new fighter, I have not decided if this will be able to head into space or just have it as Atmosphere craft.
Here is the first knock out of the design.

I am really loving the cockpit area on this. But that about it.
The wings are too fat and I am not really liking the shape. The air intake on either side of the cockpit are not sitting right we me.
As the Engines they are not fitting at all.

Moving onto version two.

Sneak Peak

In my last post I mentioned that I have lost my Mojo on doing 2d painting and wanted to get back into 3d.
I had starting build something but it was getting a bit out of hand as I am having to relearn how to use blender.
So I have put that on the back burner and started work on something a bit more simpler. This is so I can get back into it and have a better work flow.

Anyway here is a sneak peak on what I am working on.