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Ready Player One Trailer

Been awhile since I posted a trailer for a film.
Anyway here is the trailer for Ready Player One.
I have been look forward to this ever since the film was announced, love the freaking book.
If you have not ready it and grow up in the 80’s what are you waiting for go and read it before the film come out!!



If you call yourself a sci-fi fan you have seen Galaxy Quest, if not bow your head in shame.
The Orville follows Galaxy Quest in being a parody of Star Trek.
This is a live action series from Seth MacFarlane.

Ghost in the Shell, Trailer (live action)

For those of you that have not seen the original 1995 Anime film, I recommend that you do.
It is one of my all time favourite films and a film that has influence many films and TV shows since it realise.
The biggest film that you can seen the influence on is The Matrix. The Wachowski even showed scenes from Ghost in the Shell to Joel Silver when they pitched it.

Given that the original film is such a cult favourite, the live action film has some really big shoe to fill.
But what I have seen, look like it will disappoint. While the live action films is not a direct remake of the anime.
It will be using element from the original manga comic that was realised in Japan in the late 80’s and early 90.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, Trailer 2

Here is the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

This looks like it could be as good as Captain America: Winter Solider.
There is not much on Ant-Man in this trailer but we do finally get to see the “Web-Head” and he looks good,¬†though I am not to sure about the eye peace’s moving. Yes I know they do that in the comic, but so far the MCU has tired to style to close to reality.

Star Trek Beyond, Trailer

Well I was not expecting this until Star Wars had hit the big screen and some of the hype for that film had died down. But Paramount have realised the trailer for Star Trek 13.

From the looks of it the crew from the JJ Universe will be needing the Enterprise-A.
Could those small ship that are attacking the Enterprise be Tholian? That would be intresting to see how there has not been much infomation on them except what was seen in the TOS episode The Tholian Web and Enterprise two part story In a Mirror, Darkly.

Ant-Man, Trailer

Here is the latest Trailer for Marvels Ant-Man

Terminator: Genisys Trailer 2

Here is the latest trailer for Terminator: Genisys.
Before watching it. Been warned there could be some spoilers in it.
I have stated in the past some movies get ruined due to the trailers having to much information in them and giving some huge plot or action scene away.
You can read about that here.

After seeing the first trailer I knew that this movie was going to be a game changer, for the franchise.
But this trailer make you go WTF!!
This is one major plot point that should never of made it into a trailer.
Being a huge fan of the Terminator franchise (with the except of T:3 was to camp for my liking.) I was going to see this anyway. Given the number of be people that are fans of the Terminator films It is likely they where going to see this too. So why was this plot point put into a trailer?
It not for the none fans, because if people where interested in going they would go and if they weren’t it not likely going to change their mind.