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Outline Work, Part 9.

April outline for the calendar project.
Again I going for a 50’s look but done in a modern way.

April Girl Pixie

I am now almost done with the outlines, three more to do and then I can start on the fun of colouring them in. :)


Before I started on the Calendar project, I found a Tutorial that would help me with my line work.
I used this to good effect with the Elizabeth drawing I posseted a few months back.
But before did that drawing I wanted to have a practice with some pencil drawing, I found a drawing by Gomez of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
I then started on the outlines using the techniques taught in the tutorial.
Here is the out come.
inking 06

I given how well it turned out I did the Elizabeth drawing and then moved onto the Calendar Project.
Now that the outline working is nearly done with the Calendar. I have come back to this one to add colour to it, something that was not done with the original picture.
The colouring is very basic, but I am happy with the results.

inking Finished

Outline Work, Part 8.

July outline for the calendar project.
For this one I was going for 50’s look.

July Girl 03

Mad Max: Fury Road

I love the Mad Max Trilogy.
I was not sure about Tom Hardy replacing Mel Gibson, but Gibson is getting on a bit.
I think that Tom is the best choice as Gibson replacement.

Anyway since this movie we announce we had to wait a long time and then another year just to get the first trailer and here it is.

Outline Work, Part 7.

January outlines for the calendar project. If I was doing this one on it own, the title for it would be “The Morning After, The Night Before.”

Jan Gril

German Grand Prix, Hockenhem photos.

I forgot to up load some of the photos I had taken at Hockenhem, so here they are.
(click on the photos to get the full size.)

Lewis Hamilton, moments after he had crashed in Qualification.

Lewis Hamilton, Walking away from the crash with the doctor.

Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull Racing after Qualification meeting fans.

Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing after Qualification meeting fans.

Before the race the drivers did a parade lap of the track in some vintage cars.

Nico Rosberg, from Mercedes AMG.

Nico Hulkenberg, from Force India.

Felipe Massa, from Williams.

Lewis Hamilton, from Mercedes AMG.

Jenson Button, from McLaren.

Lewis Hamilton with Kimi Raikkonen just behind him.

Jenson Button about to lap one of the back markers.

Looking back to where we where seated during the race. Any damage to the wall from the day before is gone.

Looking down the start finished straight after the and the drivers had taken the podium.

The Red Bull cars waiting to be tested by the FIA after the race.

JB car with some worn out tires.

Me on the start finish straight. Can you guess what team I support. ;)

German Grand Prix, Hockenhem

Last weekend I got to go to the German Grand Prix in Hockenhem. It is the first time I have been to one. I have to say if you have not been to one, you should. The atmosphere is great and everyone is very friendly. The beer was great too!

My step-mother had booked it has a treat for my Dad and I. We were picked up by couch on Friday morning and got to the hotel in Bad Sodem just after midnight. Due to the long drive, by law the drivers have to have nine hours break before they can drive again. Because of this we got to the track a little late on Saturday and missed some of the morning events.

However we where there with plenty of time to see the days main event. We had some great seats on the third from last corner.
This was also the corner Lewis Hamilton breaks failed and he span off the track right in front of us and hitting the wall just to the right of us in Q1.

I was standing to get a picture of him when it happened but my crappy camera was still trying to focus. (It has no manual focus.) So missed getting a picture of the spin or the crash. But my dad did manage to get part of it.

When Lewis hit the wall he did not move for some time. So naturally everyone was worried about him. But when he did final start moving and got out the car. The spectator’s clapped and cheered him on.

No other crashes happened due qualifications but it was still entertaining. Afterwards we went into the F1 Village and did a little bit of shopping. I also got to see Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricardo, close and took a few pictures. I tried to get their autographs, alas I could not get close enough to get them. As I had to leave to get the couch back to the hotel. :(

On Sunday we got to the track nice and early. We saw the support races and got to see Patrick Dempsey do his First race in Porches supercars. He did not do to well, coming dead last. (It looks like he was not pushing the car enough.)

The main race was a lot of fun right from the start with Massa being taken out on the first corner.
There was lots of action and it was fun to see Lewis Hamilton go from 20th all the way up to second. He had to pit one more time. So this meant he ended up finishing in 3rd.
So his weekend finished better than it had started.

I had a great time and a lot of fun. Like I said if you have not been, you should as its well worth it.
I doubt I will get to go to another race this year. But I am hoping to go to Montreal, Silverstone, Spa or Texas next year.


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