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Another Work Colleague Portrait

Here is another work colleague portrait.
This project is now almost done, just got two more colleagues and myself to do, but I need to get pictures of them first.
So the project is going on hold until then.
However saying that, I have started to put the final picture together to get an Idea of what it looks like so I will post that up soon.

Vernon 6

My First Tattoo.

Every since I was in my later teens, I have been wanting to get a tattoo.
Knowing that it will be on my body for the rest of life, I did not want to rush into it.
So I have been looking for that perfect design. I knew what I want, but looking for that perfect design has never been easy.

Recently my wife got her fifth Tattoo done. With still not having found that design, I knew I never would unless I designed it myself. So that what I did.

I have always wanted to have a scorpion as that is my Star Symbol. The Scorpion also has a lot of meaning behind them, From Transition to Passion, Protection, Defensiveness and Solitary/Being, Alone which is all so a lot like my personality.

The other thing I have always wanted was something to symbolise my love of Science fiction.
I thought about having a Batman or Wolverine done, but again could never find something that I liked.
So I started to think about what other things I like, and I have always been a fan of Star Trek.
Trek has lots of different symbols within it, and I have always liked the Klingon Race, with their honour. In the original series they where the bad guys, but when TNG started to use them. The Klingons where no longer the bad guys and we got a deeper look into their culture, which reminded me a lot of old Japanese culture. This is something that I find fascinating.

So I started to come up with different designs that combined a scorpion and the Klingon Symbol.
I finally came up with a design I wanted the tattoo to look, but it still needed work on getting the final look.

Here are some of the final layouts that I came up with.

All Tattoo desgins

And here is the tattoo.


Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite

I recently saw some Cos-Play pictures and found a good pic of Elizabeth from the latest Bioshock game.
So I thought I have a go at drawing her.

Here is the outline, not sure if I will colour this one, but I am happy with the way it has turned out.

Elisaberth 05

X-Men: Days of Future Past, Trailer 2

Here is the latest trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past

I have to say I am really looking forward to this with Bryan Singer back in the directors chair.
He did a great job with the first two movies

A Good Day to Die Hard, Film Review


John McClane (Bruce Willis) is back once again with guns blazing, in the fifth Installment and worst sequel of the Die Hard franchise.
A Good Day to Die Hard see McClane hearing though the police grape vine that his son Jack (Jai Courtney) has been arrested in Russia. With this news McClane heads off to Russia to get his son out. What follows is McClane and son taking on a group of Russian Terrorists who “accidentally caused Chernobyl.”

It’s not just the bad plot that makes A Good Day to Die Hard such an epic fail, but it the lack of effort that made the other Die Hard films so enjoyable to watch; the humor and wise-cracking seems to be forced, while the villains come across more as jokes than terrorist. This make film a joke and should not use the name Die Hard.

Following in the steps of Sylvester Stallone (Bullet to The Head) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Last Stand) with limited success, Bruce Willis, 57, refuses to step down as 80s action hero John McClane and has instead said that he wants to play the role in yet another sequel. He has said: “I want to do Die Hard 5, then one final Die Hard movie Die Hard 6 before finally hanging that white vest up for good.” However, here he looks like he couldn’t care less about the role, and his lack of enthusiasm is infectious. (There could be something going on in his personal life as he brought the same type of performance to R.E.D. 2)

Putting Willis performance to one side it is Script writer Skip Woods (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The A-Team) who is to blame for the terrible writing; which manages to make McClane and his son unlikeable characters, devoid of wit or human feeling. Bruce Willis plays a brainless unstoppable mean-machine and John Jr/Jai Courtney is little more than a poor man’s Jason Statham.

I have heard that one of the biggest issue with the film is the location set outside the States. I don’t think this should be an issue; it’s down to the bad storytelling. Die Hard and Die Hard with A Vengeance are considered the best Die Hard films. For me it’s the villains that make those films (though Samuel L Jackson also helped with Vengeance.) With that in mind I would have done another story involving Gruber family, which would better explain McClane going to Russia. Let face it a cop or former cop from the States is not going to get anyone out of a Russian prison without some help from government, which is something that is missing from A Good Day to Die Hard.

Another issue with this film is that McClane seems to still be able the stuff he did nearly 30 years ago, with falling from building without a scratch. At least the other films had him all bloody up from these sorts of events. This brings me to the final problem with this film. Though the gratuitously violent is there, the gore and swearing has once again been toned down for the 12A rating. Even the second half of the iconic line is barley audible, which is a great shame.

John McClane has in the past been voted the “Greatest Movie Badass of All Time” and so it’s sad to see his fall from grace here. In the words of Comic Book Guy form the Simpsons “Worst Die Hard Movie Ever!”
If Die Hard 5 & 6 are coming it has to go back to it roots, otherwise it time for Willis to hang up the White Vest.

I give A Good Day to Die Hard 0.5 out of 5.

Lucy “Dad? Just try… try not to make an even bigger mess of things.”

Star Trek, Workbee, Cargo Attachment. Part 5.

Has it really been four months since I last worked on this?
Guess that what happens when you get lost with other projects.

On to the updates.
For the impulse engines module I wanted to have something that looks a little industrial. I knocked out a few ideas, but nothing was really working.
I think this was due to the fact that Federation stuff is not very industrial looking as all the working parts are hidden behind panels.

The only thing to survive these design ideas was the frame.
What I have now is more Federation looking. It also has a bit of a module look to it.
The idea behind this is that these things are work horses around Starbases and Dry-docks. They can’t be down for too long for repairs. So to keep them out doing there jobs the parts are able to be hot swappable. Taking no more than an hour to remove the part and replace it.

I have given this module large impulse engines as I see it not just working around single planet but system wide.
For shuttles the size of the Workbee it can take a few days to cross a system at full impulse. But for a star ship it only takes a few hours, so with these larger engine it would take just under a half a day to get from Earth to Pluto.
I can also see this module being used with Tugs, to help with some extra power.
(Tugs have never really been seen fully in Trek. Though you can see some blurry things acting as Tugs in the War episodes of DS9)

The one thing that I am not to happy with is the landing legs on the bottom. I think they could have been a little bigger.

Engine moduel angle

Engine moduel front

Engine moduel top

Engine moduel side

Engine moduel rear

Engine moduel bottom

everything together

Red Dawn (Remake), Film Review


The original Red Dawn is a classic film from the mid 80’s staring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen. It is a “what if” story about Russia and Cuba invading the United States during the height of the Cold War.

The Remake is set now, but with Russia losing the Cold War, they can no longer be the villains of the film. To replace them the writers have decided to go with another communist’s country that little is known about, North Korea.

The film follows the same plot as the original, but there have made some changes to the story, such as the location is no longer set in Colorado but in Washington.
Also the main Character Jed, (original played by Swayze is now played by Chris Hemsworth) is now an Iraq War veteran that has returned home. This gives him military experience that the original version the character did not have.
This does make it a little more believable that a group of teens that can quickly take on an army using Guerrilla tactics. (There is a montage of Jed training the kids up.)

Director Dan Bradley does a good job with the action and the stunt work, but like most films coming out of the States he has over done it with American Patriotism. While this not a bad thing for American audiences it starting to get a little old for those of us who are not American.
(In recent years Hollywood Blockbuster has made more money in the oversea market than at home.)

The Cast are decent enough with the material they are given. Hemsworth shines in the film; however there are better performances from him. But this is not surprising given that this was one of the first films he did after arriving in the States from Australia.
Red Dawn and Cabin in the Woods, (another film staring Hemsworth.) where sitting on the shelf for a good year due to MGM going bankrupt. By the time that had been sorted out Hemsworth and the other cast member had gone on to make their names in other films.

Red Dawn is a decent enough action film, but the message it trying to say really dose not fit with the world today, and this film really is for yesteryear. While the film does have some issue like not explain how these kids that are being hunted can slip in and out of town, without being noticed. It is still enjoyable.

Unlike the original Red Dawn, the film does not end on such a bleak note. Yes the War is still on going, but it leaves a door open for a sequel which is not really needed and most unlikely to happen.

As I have said I enjoyed this film but it not as good as the original. Given how much that the world has changed this story is now outdated. I think it would have been better as what if the Soviet Russia had not collapsed, and it was the US that had fallen, giving the Soviet a chance to Invade.
I give this film 2 out of 5.

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