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Outline Work, Part 11

Here is another for the calendar.
This one will be for November, not sure to go with brolly or without.
What do you think?

November Girl 03

November Girl 03a

Outline Work, Part 10

Another outline work for the Calendar.
This one will be used for May.

April Girl 03

Outline Work, Part 9.

April outline for the calendar project.
Again I going for a 50’s look but done in a modern way.

April Girl Pixie

I am now almost done with the outlines, three more to do and then I can start on the fun of colouring them in. :)


Before I started on the Calendar project, I found a Tutorial that would help me with my line work.
I used this to good effect with the Elizabeth drawing I posseted a few months back.
But before did that drawing I wanted to have a practice with some pencil drawing, I found a drawing by Gomez of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
I then started on the outlines using the techniques taught in the tutorial.
Here is the out come.
inking 06

I given how well it turned out I did the Elizabeth drawing and then moved onto the Calendar Project.
Now that the outline working is nearly done with the Calendar. I have come back to this one to add colour to it, something that was not done with the original picture.
The colouring is very basic, but I am happy with the results.

inking Finished

Outline Work, Part 8.

July outline for the calendar project.
For this one I was going for 50’s look.

July Girl 03

Mad Max: Fury Road

I love the Mad Max Trilogy.
I was not sure about Tom Hardy replacing Mel Gibson, but Gibson is getting on a bit.
I think that Tom is the best choice as Gibson replacement.

Anyway since this movie we announce we had to wait a long time and then another year just to get the first trailer and here it is.

Outline Work, Part 7.

January outlines for the calendar project. If I was doing this one on it own, the title for it would be “The Morning After, The Night Before.”

Jan Gril


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