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‘The Star Wars That I Used To Know’

Gotye ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ is one of the biggest songs that come out this summer in the UK.
I would expect it is the same elsewhere, so it no surprise that it get a Star Wars Parody.



One response

  1. Someone REALLY needs to show that to George. 😉 He needs to quit f*ng with the films and just release the ORIGINALS on Blu-Ray for fans to enjoy. We don’t care what additions he did or who he changed digitally to “go better” with the prequel trilogy. We want the REAL films. Models on turntables and puppets.

    BTW, they did make an error on the whole “Greedo shot first” thing. Han didn’t really shoot first originally. He was the only one who shot because Greedo was f*ng dead after that shot. 😉 (I know that technically makes it first, but first implies that more shots followed)

    21/08/2012 at 17:40

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